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  1. Virtual Box supports 64 bit and is free. BTW... wrong thread.
  2. Great! a UD3P user! I was pulling my hair out because of no audio, I'm gonna try your audio solution. By the way, have you gotten Bonjour to work? Also, our boards have dual gigabit ethernet ports but can Snow Leopard take advantage of it? It looks like both ports are alive according to System Pref, but is it just as simple as plugging two ethernet lines in? I just got this board yesterday and I've never worked with this function before.
  3. Software updates

    I started from a fresh 10A432 install and everything updated normally like it should, the whole iLife 09 package and all. Which build are you using? I heard that certain elements won't update if the version is earlier than 10A432.
  4. I think it's safe to assume that many Hackintosh users own motherboards that can run Core 2 Duo's (capable of 64 bit computing) but is limited to 4GB of RAM because of the boards limitations. In such a case, is it even worth running Snow Leopard in 64 bit? Honestly, I haven't seen any performance increase in the day to day applications I use, and if certain things feel faster, I'm almost certain that it's because of other elements like Grand Central Dispatch and other "tune ups". I came to this conclusion because I own a Macbook Pro running with a Core Duo, which is now running faster than when it had Leopard installed. I just kinda used prior knowledge and installed Snow Leopard on my Hackintosh the other day, and because for some reason it boots natively in 64 bit, many drivers and applications I use wig out. Especially things that mingle with the OS's core functionality like input managers and pen tablet drivers etc. No speed increase, can't make use of more than 4GB of RAM anyway, problems with applications, for what? What's the point? I know there are many of you out there that own boards that are capable of handling more than 4GB of RAM, but for the rest of us... is there really a merit to being so insistent about running this OS in native 64 bit mode? All this 64 bit jocking recently is making me feel like I'm missing the point. Someone please correct me. =D
  5. OSX 10.5.8 is now in software update

    10.5.7 to 10.5.8, straight from Software Update. Rebooted twice like it's suppose to, works perfectly fine. Chameleon + Vanilla, Dell Vostro 220s
  6. Awsome guide! Very discriptive and easy to understand. ...And because so I feel like an idiot asking such a basic question but I'm having problems installing Chameleon onto the flash drive. The restore of the install image went fine (although it took about 4 friggin hours because I used a physical DVD and the USB key I'm using boasts a god awful write speed) but when I try to use the installer, it gets stuck at "Installing Core" "Creating package list" (my setup is in a forgein language so that's a translation), and my CPU gets pinned. 100% to be exact. I left it on for about 20 minutes, but I'm pretty sure 50 or so MB of data shouldn't take that long to transfer. Activity monitor shows that a "_runner' proccess is sucking up all the processor juice... Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I apologize if this is something really basic that I should have known prior to following the guide. Any clues in the right direction is greatly appreciated.
  7. Dell Vostro 220

    Hmm.. okay. Turns out the clip on my ethernet cable snapped off and the line was slightly ajar. That was the only reason why I didn't have internet initially (oh the minor human errors...). Ethernet works out of the box on a retail install, I can confirm this. Shutdown/Reboot works fine, Sleep doesn't but I can definately live with that. Audio, as ehunt123 stated, I got working by installing voodooHDA. Heres the problem though... The retail Disc I own is ancient (10.5.0). Everything works perfectly on 10.5.0 but once I udpate to 10.5.7, I loose QE on the 7600 GT and I can't seem to figure out for the life of me how to turn it back on. I've tried the whole EFI string shebang, different injectors, NVkush, Praying, Swearing, the whole 9 yards, and nothing seems to enable it. I'm 99% certain that I'm the one that's doing something wrong though, since this damn card is one of the more popular cards of the 7xxx line and everyone and their mothers have gotten it work without a hitch. I've read somewhere that puting the latest NVkush in /Extra/Extensions should fix it but this is still a no go.... (Do the kexts in s/l/e matter even when you boot with chameleon?) It was working before just fine, I wonder why it broke all of sudden after the update on a vanilla install... =( Anyone got any insight?
  8. Dell Vostro 220

    Not sure if anyone is interested in going this direction.... but I got the retail DVD to install from boot-123. Currently I have no audio and ethernet but I havent really looked around. About the video, I had an extra 7600 GT laying around so I'm using that. NVkush detected and configured it without a hitch. QE/CI everything worked out of the box. BTW I followed this tutorial: http://menoob.com/hackintosh/hackintosh-in...il-dvd-on-a-pc/ I'll report back once I figure out how to get audio and ethernet working. Oh and yeah. I had to disable all my advanced CPU features to get it to boot. Kinda sucks that one of it's core is diabled but it seems like its running okay.
  9. When shown on a graph, Mac OS X's mouse acceleration algorithm is curved more than the one of Windows and Linux and is probably one of the most annoying features of Mac OS X. Everything feels like its being too overcompensated. It's too slow when executing precision work, and too fast when you want to move freely. Try using SteerMouse. Kill the tracking speed and adjust your speed with only the sensitivity and you can somewhat achieve the Windows/Linux mouse movements. Either that or do what I do and Synergy in from a Windows/Linux machine. (Yeah, I hate OS X's mouse movements that much)
  10. Great Post! I've been holing off the update for serveral reasons (mainly procrastination) but I'm glad I did asince I found such an extensive and user friendly tutorial. Everything seems to be working pretty smoothly except for one little thing. I have to unplug/plug the ethernet cable after boot once in order to get the LAN working. I've found other users that had pretty much the exact same problem but none of them were solved or apply in my case. I've followed the entire post to the tee. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=101460 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...9436&st=360 The motherboard I'm using is a P5LD2-VM. The network adaptor is "Intel Gb LAN" (taken from newegg). Further Relevant Specs: Kalyway 10.5.2 -> Kalyway Combo udpate 10.5.3 -> Dont remember how I got to 10.4.4 -> This threads tutorial 10.5.5 CPU: Intel Pentium-D 820 @ 2.8 GHZ RAM: Corsair 1GB x 2 DDR2 667 MHZ Value RAM GPU: Asus Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT Silent Edition w/ 256MB (NVinject) HDD: PATA 160 GB, One partition all dedicated to OS X. Everything else I just chose to restore from the original 10.5.4 state (where everything was working 100%) My BIOS is setup exactly the same as user Diabolik, which could be found here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=41685 The sleep is working, and thankfully, I don't have to do the plug/replug thing after wake so it's not that much of a problem but I just can't get over this feeling that I'm looking over something really simple. Everything is too close to perfection where not asking just wasn't an option. =) Thanks for your time.
  11. Got stuck on gray Apple

    Little late here, but did you try plugging in a Mouse and Keyboard to the PS/2 Port? I have no idea why but that fixed a similar problem for me