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Has anyone gotten P5B-Deluxe sound to work via dsdt in SL?


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I did an install to a 2nd hard drive by following one of the several tutorials out there...


Everything works pretty good (on board network, video - 9600gt, everything listed in profiler, fixed orange icons, etc) except audio of course...


I can get VoodooHDA.kext to work but i get loud popping and static on boot up and shut down.


I'm hoping someone out there got the audio to work by patching dsdt (in Leopard or Snow Leopard).


My results so far with dsdt patched and AD1988.Fix.kext:


32bit - I can get audio listed in profiler, it shows up in sys pref > audio & i get the speaker icon in menu bar... but no sound! (AppleHDA & associated files are loaded....)


64bit - Audio listed in profiler, does not show up in sys pref & speaker icon greyed out in menu bar.. no sound obviously. (no AppleHDA & associated files are loaded...)


Has anyone succeeded with this thru dsdt hack/patch?


Or does anyone know if a 64bit version of AppleAzaliaAudio.kext exists?

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Hi d3t0x,


i tried the VoodooHDA.kext too, but it don't work for me, no loud popping or other. I put it to /Extra, was this wrong? What have you done to make it (bad) working?


I put it into S/L/E then fixed its permission (chmod/chown etc., & dont forget to remove AppleHDA.kext). It didnt work for me when i placed it into /Extra...


i got my files from dong's post:






I dont think Azailia works in 64bit mode... looks like its 32bit for now...

thanks for the file tho :unsure:

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