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  1. Best nbz downloader

    I don't see anything about it being discontinued on it's web site.... Last update is version 1.4 - dated 5/9/09 http://www.asar.com/nzbdrop.html I don't think it's 64 bit but I have no issues when using SL 32 bit mode. I currently don't use 64 bit mode (audio issues)
  2. Best nbz downloader

    For nzb files thru a usenet server... I use "NZB drop"... works well for me...
  3. Greetings blackosx, Fantastic work your doing here... EDIT: Reworked my dsdt.aml and it works! However, the audio is still kinda low, with the OS slider at full, I have to crank up the speakers to almost full to get decent volume from them (like 65-70 out of 80). Any ideas how i can increase the sound volume? Is it just a limitation of the ep45-ds3l or alc-888? (my p5b-deluxe with azalia is WAY louder... almost puts the alc888 to shame, except azalia is 2 channel & 32bit only) Maybe this wasnt the right thread to post, but thanks anyway... d3t0x
  4. DSDT

    Hey EricCW EFI strings allow you to add your network and video info and inject it into the efi table... a predecessor to dsdt mods. In particular, gfx strings inject your graphics card's information (style, ram size, bus location etc) into the efi table so osx can see/read/know your cards info when booting into the OS. This allows us to use our video cards without having to modify kext files or use special kext files like nvinject, nvkush and others (ATI too). For alot of information about how it happened you can search around here or go over to the forum at netkas.org. Lots of good info both places. Search for "gfx efi strings" and you'll find plenty of posts regarding efi strings. As far as creating the string there are some good programs out there, and when you get the string you add it to your com.apple.boot.plist in /Extra/ or in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/... Pcwiz came up with another GUI program that makes it pretty easy. I cant post the link here (it gets blocked) but if you google "Universal OSx86 Installer" it will take you to his page. Download it then run it and it will give you options for your boot file. You want "Apply EFI Sting for video card". Pick the card you have, ram size and the options you want, it will create the string and add it to the correct file in L/P/SC. These guys are amazingly intelligent people and some made these tools so its pretty easy on us now... Anyway, I havent quite figured out how to add this info to my dsdt so i can't help ya much there... I would really like to figure that one out. Especially the sound card part.... more reading i guess... OK, I gotta crash, work early in the am... Hope that helps....
  5. DSDT

    Hi snifferpro, I'll try to answer what i can.... I dont know much about modding dsdt files but i can try to answer some of these.. A modified dsdt file doesnt take the place of a boot loader. You'll still need to use a boot 132 style booting process. 1. They use the dsdt file (which is sorta like a patched bios) to inject and correct missing info from your bios. There isnt a dsdt file already on your system per se... you can use one of the auto-patchers out there to create one. Search this forum for "dsdt patcher" and you'll find the patcher and how to use it. fassl created a patcher & pc-wiz made a gui for it... 2. You can use your auto patched dsdt.aml to assisst the install/booting of SL. I put mine in the extra folder for my p5b-deluxe but I'm not really sure if i even need it.... 3. see #1 4. the auto-patcher will do the most necessary patches but there are posts on dsdt modification. you can manually add things like network, sound & video... although i'm not that good so i still use efi strings and modded kexts.. 5. yes. search the forum for the tutorials... but you may not need to go that deep into dsdt modding.. 6. nope... 7. see #1 8. auto patcher should do it... Also do a search for your motherboard... i think i recall seeing people using that motherboard and they may have already created a modded dsdt file you can use. heres the post by fassl... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...c=133683%252522 search google for "pcwiz dsdt patcher" it wont let me post the link.... good luck
  6. I put it into S/L/E then fixed its permission (chmod/chown etc., & dont forget to remove AppleHDA.kext). It didnt work for me when i placed it into /Extra... i got my files from dong's post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=175372 MAik: I dont think Azailia works in 64bit mode... looks like its 32bit for now... thanks for the file tho
  7. I did an install to a 2nd hard drive by following one of the several tutorials out there... Everything works pretty good (on board network, video - 9600gt, everything listed in profiler, fixed orange icons, etc) except audio of course... I can get VoodooHDA.kext to work but i get loud popping and static on boot up and shut down. I'm hoping someone out there got the audio to work by patching dsdt (in Leopard or Snow Leopard). My results so far with dsdt patched and AD1988.Fix.kext: 32bit - I can get audio listed in profiler, it shows up in sys pref > audio & i get the speaker icon in menu bar... but no sound! (AppleHDA & associated files are loaded....) 64bit - Audio listed in profiler, does not show up in sys pref & speaker icon greyed out in menu bar.. no sound obviously. (no AppleHDA & associated files are loaded...) Has anyone succeeded with this thru dsdt hack/patch? Or does anyone know if a 64bit version of AppleAzaliaAudio.kext exists?
  8. my firewire quit working as well. if you remove the hpet.kext from 10.5.6 & up, firewire will return. I havent noticed any difference without it.
  9. i also have p5b-deluxe (non wifi) but i am using a retail vanilla install 10.5.6 retail > 10.5.7 update > 10.5.8 i use: Marvell 8056 built in network using a slightly modified "yukon.kext".... 7600gt nvidia thru efi gfx-string... AppleAzaliaAudio.kext for sound.... works fantastic! if anyone gets the sound card to work via dsdt patch please let me know! if you want the yukon.kext for built in network, let me know i'll post it.... is the WUSBG54C a wifi usb card? i guess the built in option wont be any good for you... sorry ssbowtie1: search this forum for mistico patch or search for "AzaliaAudio.pkg" let me know if you cant find it
  10. OK, well after installing win-blows... same thing... And, after poking around in the Klipsch forum, i found others asking the same question. The answer was that the crossover built into the speaker system is the cause of this. I would expect the crossover function to just drop the highs, not send them to other channels. Grrrrr...... I bought theses a couple years ago, so theres not much i can do now. Some things to look for next time around... So I guess that makes a 2 beers i owe ya man!!! I appreciate your help & prompt replies, and of course, thank you!
  11. tmongkol - wanted to say thanks again. the optical out seems to be working! regarding the 5.1 analog.... any suggestions about the test signal for subwoofer (out #4) sending out the the right & left channels (out #1 & out #2) instead of its proper channel? does yours do this as well? If you dont have time/cant help, i understand. I'm going over 'the kings' guide again to see what i can try.
  12. LOL !!!! OMG !!!! I'm building the EP45-UD3P for a friend, that must be where i got 889a. Well thanks man! I kinda feel like an idiot now, theres a few days i wont get back! I should have caught that!!! OK, I'll give it a try! Thanks again! edit: tmongkol, I owe a cold one my friend! I used the 1.6.2 version and 5.1 analog seems to work. However, after creating an aggregate audio device all channels work properly except for the subwoofer. The subwoofer (& test signal) comes out of my right & left channels and not the subwoofer. The result is unwanted distortion. Any ideas? I'll verify the digital outs in the morning....
  13. Hi guys, There's great work going on here! I've spent many days trying to get my 889a to work. I keep having the same issue. I'm hoping someone here can help. I have 2 of these motherboards, 1 desktop where i'd like 5.1 analog and 1 htpc that needs spdif. info: -GA-EP45-DS3L (ALC889a) -currently using EFI-v9 (but also used chameleon 2 rc1 before i hosed my system) -theres no SMBios resolvers etc in my 'extra' folder (only AppleDecrypt, CPUDisabler, OpenHaltRestart & network files) -using AnV AppleSMBios.kext (33) -modded AppleHDA.kext is being placed into S/L/E w/ HDAEnabler to keep things simple for now (using 'extra' folder mkext made things worse) 1.6.2a37 4outs 3ins analog regular headphone: 1.6.2a37 4outs 3ins digital HDA headphone: 1.6.2a37 3outs 2ins analog regular headphone: 1.6.2a37 3outs 2ins digital HDA headphone: & 1.6.2a37 AppleHDA.kext from LS8v15 (Gigabyte board kext pkg): All give same result: -system profiler- Intel High Definition Audio: Device ID: 0x1458A002 Audio ID: 889 Available Devices: (none listed) error is: HDAEnabler: Copyright © 2008 by Kabyl HDAEnabler: 05/05/2008 Added SPAudio support:Taruga Sound assertion "0 == pathMap_aDriverInstance" failed in "/SourceCache/AppleHDA/AppleHDA-162.1.37/AppleHDA/AppleHDADriver.cpp" at line 1327 goto Exit Sound assertion "0 != createAudioEngines ( fPathMap_aDriverInstance )" failed in "/SourceCache/AppleHDA/AppleHDA-162.1.37/AppleHDA/AppleHDADriver.cpp" at line 127 goto Exit Now for my questions...... The 1st is obviously most important... 1) Can anyone tell me where to fix the "pathMap"? (i've read the kings guide and others, but its over my head)... 2) Is it possible to use coax instead of optical? (this is more for convenience, as my stereo doesnt have enough optical inputs, but not critical) 3) Can i use the same kext for both analog & digital outs? (again, more for convenience) Any help is GREATLY appreciated... I'm tired of banging my head on my desk....
  14. This can be done, depending on the distro used... I've had luck with iDeneb 10.5.5 & iATKOS 5i. Here is what I did: Using disk utility: 1) Formatted USB (I used GUID) 2) Used 'Restore' option.... drag & drop iso image to Source, drag & drop USB drive to Destination 3) Clicked Restore took about 20-30 mins At this point the image was restored, but not bootable. I used the Chameleon 1.0.11 Installer to install the bootloader to the USB.... Booted to USB and installed. Went from 30 minute install to less than 5 mins. Soooo much nicer! Good Luck! Info on "how to" was obtained on this forum...
  15. Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P

    Hi people! I've posted the same question in another thread but maybe its better suited to ask my questions here. Onizuka: which version of the P35-D3P do you have? I plan on getting the rev 2.0 version. I'm trying to figure out if the rev 2.0 has any suprises in store for me. I've already discovered there IS a difference betweeen the P5B-Deluxe Wifi vs non-Wifi... (wifi panics/hangs on ToH install, non-wifi runs like a champion!) So I'd like to clarify a few things: -ICH9: Bios setting on AHCI, otherwise works out of box - no performance issues (dev id needed for profiler?) -Network: works out of box (no dev id needed), fix still required for time machine, uuid 35 error, etc.... -Audio: requires patch, but then you get 5.1 (spdif) and 2 channels out/in via analog -IDE: works via patch (dev id needed?) - is it Jmicron? -Wireless: doesn't work, but its not needed also: I plan on going efi v8, stock kernel with guid partitions... anyone run into issues doing this? And finally, Shutdown/Restart/Sleep..... I'm assuming that there are some shutdown (powerdown) issues, seems like every one is having them. Sleep most likely works if both keyboard and mouse share usb connection (this allows my P5B to sleep/wake correctly). Thanks alot for the help & info! Its much appreciated!! OSx86 ftw! lolz