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14 days Exchange Period

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You know when you first buy a macbook they give you 14 days to like exchange if there's something wrong with the macbook? So I would like to know what kind of problems will apple accept to exchange the macbook? I.E. Missing component. I kinda want to exchange the macbook for some reason it feels kinda buggie but I don't think I could just exchange it for no reason right so if someone could like help me find an excuse for exchanging the macbook that'll be great!




Toronto 13 inch macbook pro bought in retail store

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LOL what?! I'm using the Macbook right now how do i seal everything back in?! i'm not refunding so its okay wanna give me step to step walk through on how to do what u said?! xD + what is opened software? + where is the hard copy for this? or like link to this policy?


What if I say this will you think it work?

"I put a DVD in the disc drive and it was making a really loud noise so i ejected the DVD and it came out cracked! and there was a piece missing and I think it is inside the macbook." Do you think they would exchange it for me? =]


nvm i got it but its not exchange :S


* You may return software after rejecting the licensing terms, provided the software is not installed

on a computer. However, software that contains a printed software licence may not be returned if

the seal or sticker on the software media packaging is broken.




BTW Canada~



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Many congrats - awesome I am on Day 16 and feel fantastic - cant wait to see how 30 days feels


Good for you

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