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  1. Snow Leopard drivers for RT 2870 WIFI usb

    you guys are all joking....but in the right size and price id have a set for sure. would be so fun
  2. As I try in photography

    oh man, would love to study photography but a hecs debt and career says NO i want to look into some short courses though
  3. Quartz Extreme Issue

    Display-B: Type:Display Bus:PCI VRAM Total:128 MB Vendor:NVIDIA 0x10de Device ID:0x0326 Revision ID:0x00a1 Displays: Philips 170C5: Resolution:1024 x 768 60 Hz Depth:32-bit Color Core Image:Supported Main Display:Yes Mirror:Off Online:Yes Quartz Extreme:Supported Display: Status:No display connected
  4. g3 PISMO

    i might head up there and camp in the back, get a day pass or just show up in the middle of the night. Im not that far from pismo.
  5. *Almost* Successful Update 10.5.4 to 10.5.6

    its weird, you never want matzah really ever, but for whatever reason when it comes to passover, im almost excited to have it. But then again, i can never last the week. I kinda want some now though...
  6. rEFIt reinstall problem

    Hmm, thats strange. Can you boot into win7 by holding down the option key? rEFIt does some strange things sometimes. When I had it installed in a very similar situation it would always show two windows drives. I wonder if chameleons boot loader would work for you.
  7. 14 days Exchange Period

    Many congrats - awesome I am on Day 16 and feel fantastic - cant wait to see how 30 days feels Good for you
  8. how to find wireless usb adapter driver?

    Remove all the files from the data directory, and you can start again.
  9. simple applescript

    Ive got the same kind of thing running at my office. We have 4 different volumes that all need to be mounted on startup... Its a fairly simple Applescript... I have all my users have it as a start up item and also keep it in their dock in case of disconnects. tell application "Finder" mount volume "afp://username:passwordIPaddress/volumename" end tell just open script editor, copy and paste this into it, and fill in your specific info Then compile it and save as an application.