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Private Software Update Server (SUS)

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Hiz to all..


I'm a member of a wide private wireless network here in Greece

and i took the liberty of creating the first Mac SUS (Software

Update Server) here.


There are not many mac-users but it's a service everybody is

going to use, where wireless is available and internet is not.


It's nice update a mac-user system using max 54mbit line! (:()


Now for my problem... (i hope someone helps cause i'm stuck! :S)


The mac os x server machine is on my private network configured

to get dns from a dns server of my own that cascades other dns'

from the wide wireless network. So it can resolve internet, "our"

own private network, and "my" own network.


My system is upgraded at 10.5.7 server with all

packages/software/apps updated. I've started the SUS service and

fetched all packages from apple (took 5 days "omg").


I've followed the guide i found on the net

here http://tinyurl.com/macsus1

and here http://tinyurl.com/macsus2



The thing is i'm stuck at apache aliases cause the 1st link it's

an old Tiger guide, the 2nd link tries to update it but... the SUS

runs at 8080 and apache at 80. The aliases i tried heh, i've

tried'em all, when i switch to my local dns server the

swscan.apple.com resolves at my local sus machine but pop's

up a message about the leopard-merged file can't be found..


I've tried some Safari links in case i open the xml file to browse

the contents but somewhere there the alias breaks..


I'm in dire need to fix that cause i've managed to get all

mac-users hyped up for nothing.. :(





Thanx in advance!


p.s. i'm not so familiar with the mac os x server but i've managed

to understand it quite fast, it's not hard, it's the too small parts

i'm missing, stuff only time teaches!

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