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Leaked OS X 10.6 News

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From what I've been told... the WWDC 09 build 10a380 is on what.cd


Too bad its a private site. I worked so hard years back to get into the oink.. then they shut it down like 6 months after I became a member.


Anyone have access to what.cd?

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It's on TPB and Demonoid and waffles.fm.


The only different thing between 10a354 and 10a380 is an update about AirPort Utility.



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Google is your friend.


Trying to be useful but also as vague and indirect as possible (as I appreciate posting direct links to warez releases is not permitted).


As far as I know accidentally downloading newsgroups from your service provider is safe and legal, unless you download some very illegal news...


Those with access to binary newsgroups (everyone with good ISPs should - otherwise use news server public.teranews.com) then the 10a380 build can easily be found there in the newsgroup called alt.binaries.mac. The newsgroup release is rarred up, 45 files, just over 2 days old and 7.3GB


I just grabbed 10a380 via my own service provider, at 30Mbits/sec, using an easy to configure freeware winblows client called Alt.Binz.


My favourite free .NZB newsgroup indexing site is Newzleech.com (searching for "10a380" there will offer direct download of an .NZB index file - similar to a torrent file but for the binary newsgroups...) That is as much as I can say indirectly without posting any direct links, which like I said is not permitted.


Mods - please edit or delete this post and my apologies if you feel it stretches the rules too far, just wanted to help those curious users like myself wanting to try out the latest snow leopard...

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Actually this entire thread is probably in violation. The way I figure it is that it should be enough to know it is out there. If you don't have the brains to locate it you do not deserve to be using it now. You're much better off waiting anyway because these pre-releases don't really work all that well. It's not a fair comparison.


I went back to 10.5.7 on my main system. Too many things don't work.

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