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  1. StormPCs

    New featurettes

    If it's so wise why did you create a thread to do what Apple would not want to do? You have no idea whether these will be present in the final build.
  2. StormPCs

    Snow Leopard Beta

    How would anybody know that? Nobody knows when SL will even be finished. My guess is you probably could but it wouldn't be wise or necessary. Just do a TM backup and a fresh install and restore. That's the cleanest way. Based on it's present condition I'd say we'll be running Windows 7 at least 2 months before SL, probably even more than 2 months.
  3. StormPCs

    leave Leopard behind and install Snow Leopard?

    That's because you are not even one-tenth as smart as you believe you are. Like I said, a lot of stuff doesn't work. "So none of you guys are using Snow Leopard on a day to day basis?" Well that's not what your thread is about, is it? Of course we use it on a daily basis. That's how we find out what doesn't work.
  4. StormPCs

    leave Leopard behind and install Snow Leopard?

    Embrio seems to think that if it's good for him it's good for everyone. The fact is that there are many (and I mean craploads) of apps and drivers that either partially work (in the case of the 9400M video drivers) or not at all. If it's your main computer and you need it to be TRULY fully functional you can't switch to SL yet. If you don't care if a lot of things don't work (as with Embrio apparently) then go for it.
  5. StormPCs

    leave Leopard behind and install Snow Leopard?

    It's not fully functional. Better if you wait a couple of months.
  6. StormPCs

    10A411 in software update

    Did you get it (64-bit) to run on your Mini? Please tell me how if so. I want to load it on one of mine to play.
  7. StormPCs

    Final nail in the coffin for PPC

    The man with crystal balls has spoken...
  8. Possibly, but what would the point be? To run the battery down quicker? People always ask if they can do something but almost never ask if they should?
  9. StormPCs

    Can't see harddrive

    Nice attempt at a save MR Assumption. If you know so much why don't you offer some advice? Yeah, I thought so.
  10. StormPCs

    Can't see harddrive

    Is it your position that Macs can't have eSATA or multiple drive controllers? If it is then you would be incorrect.
  11. StormPCs

    Final nail in the coffin for PPC

    I disagree completely with both of you. What exactly do you mean by "last nail in the coffin"? If you mean they won't make them anymore, that happened years ago. It seems like you are probably talking about the fact that they won't be running Snow Leopard. SL has very few new features. It is basically just a faster Leopard (not by a large margin either). I don't agree that the fact that the PPCs won't be running SL means they are dead. Far from it. The high-end multi chip G5s are monsters and Leopard 10.5.7 is a fantastic OS. It will be several years before the PPC is dead. Only software makers that are completely stupid would make software for SL only. Any decent title by a legit company will run on Leopard. The installed user base is just too large to ignore anytime soon. So perhaps you would like to clarify your claims (unless you are just twittering...lol).
  12. StormPCs

    Purchasing a Quad G5 2.5Ghz

    It's a very nice machine but it won't be running the new OS. If you are fine with running 10.5.7 it's a great machine.
  13. StormPCs

    Can't see harddrive

    Mac or Hack?
  14. StormPCs

    Late installing my 10A314

    You have to install 380 and then there will be an update to 394 online.