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Final Cut Pro and LAN issues

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After getting my Atheros L1 LAN working by installing a kext file, I wasn't then able to load Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 any longer. I ran across a thread that suggested deleting the following file;


Library/Preferences/System Configuration/Networkinterfaces.plist - which I did delete (after backing up) which then allowed FCP to load but killed the LAN again.


Apparently FCP needs to see an EN0 for LAN and mine was listed as EN1 and was causing FCP to crash on loadup.


Has anyone overcome this problem by getting the onboard LAN to be the EN0? Or is there any other way to get LAN working again? I can live without an internet connection but not without FCP.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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I think you were on the right way but I think you need to force your LAN card to be EN0 in Networkinterfaces.plist. I had this problem once long ago. Before I edited this file I think I deleted the network config from the system prefs, rebooted and then... I don't recall exactly how to do it - there's some command with sudo nano etc... but you should be able to find it on here.

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