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Yu-Gi-Oh Online 2

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I'm ported Yu-gi-oh online 2 for the people who still love yu-gi-oh.



This wrapper is used by GameTaps Cider 1340.

This is wrapper version 0.0.1.

Fully Playable

Updates for the exe part is in game no extra launcher.

This game is also free to play.



Minor Gfx Issue(such as the bar on the upper left and missing text)

The game in window mode fill's the screen and the game is in the bottom left.



This game has random disconnects it could be the game it self wait for the dev make the patch for that.









1. Sign up for the game here.

2. Download the game here.

3. Install the game any way you want to either with fusion or crossover.

4. Find the folder where yu gi oh is installed at usually its in "C:\Program Files\Konami\".

5. You'll see in the konami folder, is the game Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 2 copy it to your desktop.

6. While that copy download the wrapper if you already did skip this step.

7. once the copy is finished rename the folder to Yu-Gi-Oh.

8. Right click the wrapper then click on "show package content" when you click it you'll see the folder "contents."

9. Click on the following Folders "Contents>Resources>Transgaming>c_drive" there where you're will copy the game.

10. After that close everything and enjoy the game.

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