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  1. Sorry for no updates!

    My relationship with my last girl didn't went to well just 3 years down the drain the reason i'm not update dating for a while.
  2. Oblivion - Crossover. mouse issue

    you need to put the game in the wrapper for it to work.
  3. Fallout 3 also on hold

    every time i try running it i get this i'm guessing it does the same thing that street fighter 4 does the launcher opens up fallout3.exe.cat to get the signature and that how its gonna be to all windows live games.
  4. My next project Fallout 3!

    yep this is my next project is to get this bad boy up and running. I have an idea to get it working so give me a hour at least I'll give an update.
  5. Street Fighter 4 on hold!

    I got to the point where that the game needs a signature to run the the game. The launcher gets the signature from the streetfighteriv.exe.cat when it decodes it it boots the game with the code. This is what will prevent it from booting since cider wrappers doesn't emulate windows api.
  6. tools for porters

    i have a tool that can help us porting games, its called SpyMe for windows that records any harddisk activity. you can get it here: http://www.lcibrossolutions.com/spymetools leave a comment for any other tools that can help us port games better.
  7. games live 2.0 files

    Its up for grabs: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CGHTTGUR
  8. My porting blog

    Here is where you will get my information of my porting time. lately i grabbed a hold of street fighter 4 I'm in the process of it getting emulated since it uses windows games live 2.0. I also need those files so i'm in the process to grab those file too i'm gonna put them up for download later on for any other porting crew.
  9. sims 3 uses cider

    yess thats right i have a copy of the sims 3 here and it uses cider 2432 i'll post up the cider file for you guys can download update: here the download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ECDMO1PF
  10. Yu-Gi-Oh Online 2

    I'm ported Yu-gi-oh online 2 for the people who still love yu-gi-oh. Info: This wrapper is used by GameTaps Cider 1340. This is wrapper version 0.0.1. Fully Playable Updates for the exe part is in game no extra launcher. This game is also free to play. (update)Issues: Minor Gfx Issue(such as the bar on the upper left and missing text) The game in window mode fill's the screen and the game is in the bottom left. Other: This game has random disconnects it could be the game it self wait for the dev make the patch for that. Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/230882688/Yu-Gi-Oh_Online_2.zip Guide: 1. Sign up for the game here. 2. Download the game here. 3. Install the game any way you want to either with fusion or crossover. 4. Find the folder where yu gi oh is installed at usually its in "C:\Program Files\Konami\". 5. You'll see in the konami folder, is the game Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 2 copy it to your desktop. 6. While that copy download the wrapper if you already did skip this step. 7. once the copy is finished rename the folder to Yu-Gi-Oh. 8. Right click the wrapper then click on "show package content" when you click it you'll see the folder "contents." 9. Click on the following Folders "Contents>Resources>Transgaming>c_drive" there where you're will copy the game. 10. After that close everything and enjoy the game.
  11. The Porting Team

    also I'm back in the mac business, sorry for the disappearance act
  12. Fallout 3 using Oblivion's Cider

    well here my oblivion cider you can try with that i need to grab that game on my lappy: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F7U2L343
  13. Silent hill 5 port

    I'm working on porting Silent Hill Homecoming for the mac, right now it has audio issues there no sounds or bgm in the menu and the game. But the cut scenes do have audio. Also it has mouse warping issue, the game has texture loading problems like GTA. also some times the game will load a poor model of the main character in the middle of a lamp also a it loads a table in the middle of that too you will see it in the screens down there. if anyone have any idea how to fix this i'll gladly take your suggestion. Right now i'm working of getting those issues fixed.
  14. Oblivion on HDR

    can i have this build of cider
  15. this is weird

    i got my mac os x update to 10.5.5 but i found that the finder's version is 10.5.6 i got a pic. any one to fill me in