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Tony Danza

Execute .sh in GUI...without chmod +x

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So, I'll have to provide some background info so you know what's going on. I'm setting up a preconfigured .conf for Viscosity (OpenVPN). What my sh script does is copies all the pertinent files to the correct folders and runs sed to customize it for the particular user. Normally you'd just chmod +x it to make it executable..in this situation EVERYTHING needs to be rolled up into one click as this will be distributed to 'uninformed' users and needs to be foolproof.


I've tried "sh->app" rollers such as platypus and they suck and only run half of my script at best.


So experts, I Ask, how does one make a self-contained, executable .sh script that can be distributed and executed on multiple computers without ANY user intervention beyond "download this and double click it"


Thanks in advance,



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Have you ever found a solution for this? I am trying to solve the exact same issue...


I basically just want to be able to set a file to executable for everyone and have that permission apply on ANY machine. Is this possible???

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Can't you simply just make it a .app?


I've never tried a shell script in a .app without setting it executable, but you could always make it an applescript app. use Script Editor (or Applescript editor in 10.5) ... use the Applescript command "do shell script" and make it run the same shell script... save the final working part as an application, and it'll give you a .app anyone can click on and run.

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