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Enabling QE with Natit causes sub menus to go blank

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When i install natit .01 or .02 both will enable QE, but then i lose all the menus? When you click on something in the menu bar (or right click) all you get is the shadow outline of the menu but the menu itself is either black or transparent. Once you click somewhere on the menu you briefly see the text.


Anyone else seen this or know the fix?


this is using a 7800GT and 10.5.4 btw.

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I have natit running on my laptop with nVidia 8600m 256mb (DELL XPS 1530) running natit.kext


I have the same problem, menus goes in white colour and top mac menu starts invisible until you move the mouse over it.


However, i have a desktop computer with nVidia 9800 GT (1024Mb) not running natit.kext. It runs with EFI String and it hasn´t any strange graphic error.


So, i recomend look for a Efi String in order to use QE. (Somebody has the EFI Strin for 8600m Dell Xps 1530 :) )



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