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  1. chofete

    Asus Z9PE-WS D8 Mavericks working 10.9.1

    Hello again, It seems that unlocking the Bios we can get PowerManagement and Turbo working. Arkanis seems to achieve it and now i´m trying to do it too. Yesterday i unlocked the Bios (i think), i must research a little more things, but my geekbench test scores more than before. We will update the info when it will be more clear.
  2. Arkanis, i sent you a PM. How did you to achieve PowerManagement on the Xeon CPU? Can you share your installation steps on other threads related to the Z9PE board to help other people? Thanks.
  3. chofete

    Asus Z9PE-WS D8 Mavericks working 10.9.1

    Hello to everyone, I´m chofete on this forum but i´m "salcazar" on TonyMac forum. I was banned two years ago with mi "chofete" nick, and then after that i used "salcazar" instead. The DSDTs sunset is posting are mine. These one doens´t work to get Turbo or SpeedStep. I have just tried 10.9.2 combo update (the one that rampagedev says that works OOB with LGA2011) with SSDT and MacPro 6,1 smbios and it doesn´t work (speedstep and turbo). We need to investigate a lot more... I´m thinking on use Windows 8.1 to work.
  4. Hello, Have you solve this? I have the same card and having the same problem too. I´ll try my best to solve it, but i need help like you. Thanks.
  5. chofete

    [Guide] HP Elitebook 8560W installation Guide

    Hello, i´m planning to change my Dell Precision M4500 by Hp 8560w with DreamColor Display. Lion works fine on my Dell but shutdown and multitouch. I need to know some questions about Lion on 8560w before buying it. - Does the Brightness control worked fine? (i had a 8540w and i can´t control the brightness screen, i think it was a light sensor issue) - Does the shutdown worked 100%? - Any other things i must worry about? Thanks and sorry for my english.
  6. Thanks for the work, but my change doesn´t work. It´s a pitty. If anybody can found a way to get it working it will be the best of the best.
  7. chofete

    Screen Brightness on HP 8540w

    Hello I have a hackintoshed HP 8540w, it´s almost working 90%. One of the things that it´s not working is the brighnest level control. If i start with AC connected it works a full brightness. If i start without AC connected it works al low brightness level. The graphic card is a nVidia FX Quadro 880m. If i open Screen Preferences i saw a Brightness bar under screen resolution, i touch it but it´s locked (can move but always return to the same place). I can press keys to change the brightness but alwasy at same level. I found a thread talking about it: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=220057 I tryed to write it on the dsdt.aml i use, but i can´t compile it. I attach the dsdt.aml with the correction: dsdt.zip I attach the original one too: dsdtoriginal.aml.zip If anyone can help me he is helping other people too. Thanks to everyone.
  8. Hello mates! I need some help, i´m trying to make screen brightness control work. I found this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=220057 I want to tryit but i edit dsdt.aml from ed_co with DSDTSE, i write the code, but when i try to compile it return to me 1 error. I try to compile without writting it and i still have 1 error (the same), so i can´t compile it. Can anybody compile for me my dsdt.aml (ed_co´s dsdt aml with the change). dsdt.zip AND....... HAVE YOU TRY TO PUSH FN KEY + INSERT KEY ? HAVE YOU TRY TO PUSH FN KEY + PG UP KEY ? If you open Screen Prefs there is a Brightness bar under Resolutions Screen. But if you try to change it it´s locked to the max. I think that if we can fix it via dsdt we are close to the perfect laptop for hackintosh. Come on!!!! Thanks.
  9. I´m on Spain, on Madrid. I bought the laptop on eBay to a USA seller. I don´t know if it matters, but may be you are right. What i know is that it works well with all networks here on Spain and its recognized by my laptop. Right now i have received a Qualcomm WWAN and i´m trying it now, on Windows 7 it works but on Snow Leopard i can see it on About this Mac, i need to test it more to see if it works at the end (i suppose that it will not). EDIT: I have tried your config, i have needed to erase voodoohda from S/L/E. At first boot i saw a difference, you have orange icons (external hard drives), i mean that i have connected a external sata and it has orange icons. The solution is IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext. Other thing more is the nVidia fx 880, but i realized that the problem is not in Extra, it is on the boot file. I install latest chimera (new chameleon mixed), and now it is full recognized. I think this config is best than the other i was using. Battery well recognized. I just only miss the screen brightness control. I was looking but no lucky, i saw utilities to control brightness but it was a fake solution (like putting black transparent over the image). On your config i saw mouse (touchpad) works a little better (not too speedy). Audio works, but last night i play a youtube video with system audio muted and the video sounds. It was strange, so i will try later if it is doing it always.
  10. I´m going to explain how to make wifi working on this laptop with a mini tutorial with photos (ed_co ask me to do it), so here i go. First of all is necessary to have a Broadcomm BMC 94322 a/b/g/n Half mini PCi-express wifi card. You can found it on eBay. (Photo of the card at the end). We need to put our laptop on the bottom side to unscrew the three keyboard screws. It is not necessary to unscrew to the end. Now we put the laptop on the top side and we open it. Now we must slide the four sliders between Esc and F1 keys, F4 and F5, F8 and F9, F12 and Insert. Now it´s time to remove the keyboard very carefully, i do it rotating it to myself. After it, now we can see the Intel 6300 wifi card at the upper right side, with three wires connected. Disconnect all the wires and unscrew the card. (On the photo i have the broadcom on it). Now it´s time to replace the Intel card with our new broadcomm and follow the steps back. P.D.: ed_co i tried to send you a mail but your inbox is full.
  11. I have too the mini PCI on WWAN, but i am not talking about WWAN, i am talking about WLAN. WWAN is other different card, it is for get wireless phone connection, gps... But the WLAN is under the keyboard and it is half mini, and... YES! It´s the same i bought on eBay. Now i´m waiting for a WWAN to try on mac, i bought another one on eBay, i wish i will be lucky. Anybody has screen backlight control working? (if you disconnect the powe ac screen stills at full light). I recommend every user to change the wifi with this broadcom, i think it is the better option to get wifi working, it´s AIRPORT
  12. - I only connect the number one and number two, the third is not connected. These connectors are for the antenna, Intel 6300 has 3 connectors. - Connecting the card is very easy. First you must remove 3 screws from the bottom (the three screws with the keyboard drawing near them). Second you must get out the keyboard, there are some sliders between ESC and F1 keys, F4 and F5, F8 and F9, F12 and Insert. These sliders can be moved down very easy. After it, keyboard can be removed, but take care with it, there is sensitive cable, take care not to broke it. Down the keyboard there are two memory slots and.... WIFI CARD !!!! Removing the wifi is easy too, remove the three connectors, the two screws and the card goes up with an 45 degree angle. To put the newer one is the same but in inverse mode. - I didn´t do anything more, it is recognized at start like the airport, but i will make a newer install (right now i´m testing lion too). - I was selling (it overs yesterday, no one sold ) four or five cards but no one of them are the Broadcomm 94322 HALF mini Pci-e . The other cards i´ve got comes from other laptops i recently have and hack. I bought some cards from Hong Kong because i usually make hackintosh to friends and other people, and it spends three of four weeks to arrive from China to Spain. - Exact model is: Broadcom BCM 94322 HALF mini Pci-e . If you can found the one from HP i suppose it is better. The card must be HALF because the hole where it fits are only for half cards. All the cards i´m trying to sell are full cards, not half. I tried to connect them on the WWAN slot and in the WLAN slot (with the keyboard out) and no one works. On WWAN laptop starts but it isn´t recognized (included windows), on Wlan laptop gets error 140. - The link can be founded on ebay search, but it is hard. I found that this card works because i downloaded two weeks ago a HP dissasembly manual and inside this pdf i founded the three only wifi cards compatibles with the whitelist bios on 8540w.
  13. Good news !!!!!! Today i received a packet with my new Broadcomm 94322 half mini Pci-e card. I have just replace my wifi card (intel 6300) by the new one. And.... it works OOB !!!!! Recognized like the Airport. No problems with the withelist Bios, works fine on windows 7.... It is amazing! I only need to get working backlight screen control. Thanks for all the people that makes it work!
  14. I don´t know if it is what you are asking (IORegistrydump) but i am trying to do it. model.ioreg.zip My laptop specs: - HP 8540w - Processor: Intel i7 820 - Graphic Card: nVidia Quadro Fx 880 1Gb - Memory: 16 Gb DDR3 1333 - HardDrive: 500Gb 7200Rpm - Screen: 1920x1080x32 - Dvd Yesterday i opened my laptop, (dissasembly), and i saw how to replace the wifi card, it is very very easy and i saw on eBay a lot of HP BCM 94322 half mini PCI-e cards that may be compatible with the white list bios, may be i buy one of these chinesse cards. By the way i am using a Dlink 122 with ralink chip, but i repeat, there is a Edimax USB that is very small (like the chinesse bluetooth on ebay). I tried the Battery kext and it works fine, but my screen doesn´t change the backlight brightness. So resuming my laptop what works and what doesn´t: - i7 820 working, recognized and (i think) speedstep working. - IDT audio, works fine, volume changes ok, doesn´t detect when plug earphones, but works changing on system preferences. - nVidia Quadro: works very very veeeryyy fine, AfterEffects works very well with that card. With TonyMacx patch it is recognized like 880. - Usb 3.0: works, but with some things it makes a Kernel Panic - Left Usb+Firewire: Works well -eSata: Works ok included Hot Plug -FingerPrint Reader: Not working -TouchPad: Works like the mouse, it goes very speed, but the 3rd button works (perfect for Color & Maya) - Keyboard (i use a US keyboard but i´m Spanish): Works and it seems to be too easy to change with another one (eBay 20$) - Touch buttoms: Volume controls - Dvd: Works - Webcam: Works Perfect - Card Reader: Doesn´t work (not tried) - Sleep: Works but at back touchpad works bad. - Battery: Works well
  15. I confirm that putting a Broadcom 94322 on WWAN doesn´t work. What is the "changing the pin 20" ? I think the solution is to replace the intel wlan but it is down the keyboard and it is a half card. Other easy solution i see is to buy a edimax wifi usb that it is very very small and it is compatible with snow leopard. The bios hack would be the best option, it is a pitty.