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Is hardware acceleration up and running?

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Hello folks, long time listener...


I recently installed the iPC 10.5.6 on my beautiful gigabyte mobo - everything went fine. I also have a 8800GT 512 MB NVIDIA gfx card, for which I specifically installed the "driver" at the osx install config.


The thing is, I am experiencing quite a lot of image shearing and generally slow graphics (eg in spaces, image loading times etc).


My question is, how can I tell whether or not hardware acceleration is enabled? (I understand people refer to this as QE/CL - not sure what the acronyms mean exactly)


And how do I enable it if not enabled?


I don't know how to "uninstall" the current kext "drivers" and install the OSx86 Tools version of the kext - or even the EFIStudio one. I'm afraid I might mess something up.


Also it must be noted that, following installation, I downloaded the required 8800GT kexts via the OSX86 Tools application - one of which called something like "NVIDIA ResMan" or something like that. This caused my osx boot to freeze and not knowing how to fix it I had to reinstall the hole thing.


If this information helps, my graphics card currently displays the correct resolution @ 1920x1200.


A million thanks in advance!



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