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I would love to install Leopard on my new pc but i dont really know where to start, i did search before posting but i dont even know what i am looking for.


I am very computer literate so i can manage simple to advanced tasks, but i just have no idea about OSX.


My hardware is

Asus P5QL Pro Motherboard

Intel Dual Core

ATI HD 3450 Graphics

Onboard sound (but upgrading to M-Audio card, this is covered, i have working driver)

4GB Corsair TwinX pc6400 DDR2

Wireless Gigabyte PCI Card (this is not essential, i can get online other ways, but would be useful)


LG DVD r/w


I did download APPLE.MAC.OSX.LEOPARD.V10.5.ISO-OSX which i believe is an untouched image. inside is osx-leopard105.dmg


This is around 6GB so how would i burn this to DVD ?? My disks are 4Gb, i tried looking for higher capacity from computer shops but oouldnt see any?


I do have a USB Hard Drive, so if i could install from this it would be easier.


I also have Windows Vista installed, i would like to leave this and dual boot.


I created a seperate partition for OSX, so now what?


One other question i have is can i access files on the Vista partition from with OSX and vice versa. or will i need to copy files to the OSX partition. I will be using both OS to perform similar tasks thus using the same files.


Thanks to anyone who can help me ;)

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Hi there and welcome to the forum!


You should start here:



and here:



You can choose to go either the retail way (easier to update and to maintain but the learning curve may be steeper for a newbie) or via one of the many pre-patched "releases".


Good luck!

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