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Embedded images in Mac Mail


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I want to be able to put images in messages in mail that are not sent from my hard disk but load from a url when the recipient opens the message. I want to choose an image from a website and put it the message without having to first save it and then attach it.


In outlook or courier mail this can be done very easily, but it looks like its hard of impossible in mac mail.


Someone could ask why I would want to do that, like its something weird or picky... which is classic mac behavior when something can't be done :)


For example when I was using windows I used to be sending emails with my photos from my imageshack account, without having to save them first, but just use the address to load them into the message. Also, that would make a very small email to be sent and received since the images are not attached, and the recipient can load them when he/she desires instead of downloading heavy emails.


Are you aware of a workaround for this?

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