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  1. riotshield

    Embedded images in Mac Mail

    Hello. I want to be able to put images in messages in mail that are not sent from my hard disk but load from a url when the recipient opens the message. I want to choose an image from a website and put it the message without having to first save it and then attach it. In outlook or courier mail this can be done very easily, but it looks like its hard of impossible in mac mail. Someone could ask why I would want to do that, like its something weird or picky... which is classic mac behavior when something can't be done For example when I was using windows I used to be sending emails with my photos from my imageshack account, without having to save them first, but just use the address to load them into the message. Also, that would make a very small email to be sent and received since the images are not attached, and the recipient can load them when he/she desires instead of downloading heavy emails. Are you aware of a workaround for this?
  2. riotshield

    FS: iMac 1GB 800Mhz Ram

    Its the stock 1gb ram from latest 20" iMacs. Price 15$ or best offer. shipping is 5$.
  3. Hello. I am planning to get an external HDD for backup purposes in order to avoid any undesired data loss. I have an iMac 24", btw. I was looking and reading about the various HDD's available and I am trying to find what would be best for the intended use. My main purpose is to use with time machine but I would like also something that I could carry to a friends house if I need, which means something quite portable. I am looking for FireWire connectivity since I dont have many usb ports free, and also I would like a bus powered HDD in order to avoid an extra cable. However I wonder if this is a good idea since the drive will be powered and used all the time, unlike most portable drives that are used for short periods. Do you think that I could go with a bus powered drive or I should aim for externally powered ones? I am between those four Bus powered: Formac Disk Mini http://mactrade.de/info/43633/ LaCie Little Disk http://mactrade.de/info/44458/ ext.power Iomega MiniMax http://mactrade.de/info/43543/ LaCie Hard Disk http://mactrade.de/info/44565/ Any suggestions/advice much appreciated
  4. how long do you think before the new ones?
  5. what about that screen recycle thing?
  6. I am thinking of getting an iMac and was wondering is in the future in case I want to upgrade, if I'll be able to keep the iMac just for its screen and use it with a MacPro for example? If this by any means possible?
  7. riotshield

    Problem with printing

    I am using a Canon MP170 printer (USB connection). Drivers are installed as they should and scanner function works just fine, but when I try to print something from any program the printing suddenly stops after part of the page has been printed and there is error 300 about no communication with printer and it needs to be restarted. After restart it prints ok, but next time u try to use its the same problem. Any ideas?
  8. By mistake i initiated update to 10.5.4 from Kalyway 10.5.2 for AMD I know its was bad idea, i did it by mistake trying to update Quicktime Around 20% it froze and then it wouldnt boot back to OSX. I can access data through windows partition, is there a way i could fix this back to 10.5.2? the screen i get is the following Also, in case it cant be fixed and i have to reinstall 10.5.2 am I going to loose the data I have on MACOSX partition? any help much appreciated another question. most data on mac partition i can backup, but is there a way to save applications so i dont have to reinstall everything?
  9. riotshield

    XFX Geforce 7300GS 256Mb for sale

    anyone up for it?
  10. riotshield

    XFX Geforce 7300GS 256Mb for sale

    Yep, it is indeed low profile. I forgot to mention the maker, its XFX
  11. if you want to have qe/ci working and being able to change resolution without much hassle you can try this card. check 10.5.2 compatibility list, it is supported. Card is completely new and unused in original box price is 20$ plus shipping PM me if you are interested
  12. I am trying to install Bias Peak LE but when I run the installation it stops and a message appears says that a G4 or newer CPU is needed to install this software. What is wrong with the install, my CPU is AMD Dual core 4200+, which is obviously newer. What can I do to fix this? thanks
  13. Everything works quite on Leopard 10.5.2 and dvd-rw is recognized but when i try to record on toast titanium 9 it records at 1x speed eventhough i lets me choose all available speeds for the specific blank that i put every time... is there a way to make that work fyi, that drive records normaly on XP and tries burn as well in macosx with still low speed. thanks
  14. I've installed kalyway 10.5.2 on a partition of a 300Gb HD where windows XP were installed. In order to boot into windows SATA type in bios has to be switched to IDE and in order to boot into OSX it has to be switched to AHCI. What can I do in order to not having to bother to go into bios every time i want to boot into other OS? also. second question. Using toast titanium 9 and burn I can only record in 1x and that takes tooo long. DVD-R is LG GSA-4160 (IDE) Is there a way I can solve that?
  15. riotshield

    Slow performance of Leopard and youtube problem

    Ok, I found solution. I installed kalyway on new 170Gb partition of 300Gb HD and its working like a charm. There is a problem with dual booting but I will put that in other thread.