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IPC OSX 10.5.6 Abit IP35 Pro


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Hi All,


I wanted to make a post regarding my experiences of installing IPC OSx86 on my system, mainly because during the process i found certain areas of the installation to be a little sketchy. Unlike my normal way of doing things i wanted to return my experiences, hopefully to help others in the same situation.


I made a blog post ( http://wooliethinking.wordpress.com/2009/04/24/its-alive/ ) - but i wanted to post it on here too since i got the bulk of my information from these forums.


So to keep this as simple as possible, my hardware is


Intel Quad Core Q6600 (Overclocked to 3.5 Ghz )

Abit IP35 Pro (p35 chipset - so far so good)

4 gig of PC6400 ram

Gigabyte 8800GT GFX Card

Various Spare HD’s

Hanns.G 28inch SCreen.


The installation itself was exceptionally simple - the bios pre-requisites are :-


1) Floppy Drive Controller - OFF

2) Serial and printer ports - OFF


4) Jmicron Controller - OFF


Installation Instructions


Step 1 : Insert the IPC CD and boot - enter disk utility and create the desired number of partitions. Format them to be Mac OSX Extended (Journaled) and return to the installation once completed.


Step 2 : Choose the installation drive and select customise at the first opportunity.


Step 3 : Once you arrive @ (http://######.com/ipcosx86/?page_id=96 ) select the following 1) NVDarwin 512MB, 2) ALC888 sound card, 3) ICHX Chipset Drivers , 4) you dont at this stage need to select any network drivers as the default ones seemed to work.


Step 4 : Proceed with the installation and it 'should' in theory complete without any problems.


I know this is a fairly simple 'guide' if it even qualifies as that, but it should serve as a confirmation to people with the same hardware that everything works without issues.


Note 1 : There is a pause on initial boot (with waiting for boot device) this does pass after 1 minute or so

Note 2 : The NVInject drivers resulted in a black screen for me so i used NVDarwin.


Other than that - go wild and BUY A LICENSE.

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