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  1. that battery PKG didnt work for me i have a m1210 and it says "no batteries available" what should i do?
  2. rohizzle121

    TSC sync XNU patch

    where do i get a 32bit one? i cant use the one from leo can i?
  3. oh that makes so much more sense! I knew exactly why we couldn't use the se vanillia kernel. So is it somthing that's always gonna have to be patched? Or can there be such a autopatcher?
  4. one question, what is TSC Sync?
  5. rohizzle121

    Help with 950GMA Intel Card

    How how how?! I've been trying! I made a efi string In Leo and put that in my boot.plist and then I didn't add any extra drivers that's gfx related and it will Install perfectly and when I boot with -v or -v arch=i386 and no errors occur it just goes to a black screen. What should I do!! How how how?! I've been trying! I made a efi string In Leo and put that in my boot.plist and then I didn't add any extra drivers that's gfx related and it will Install perfectly and when I boot with -v or -v arch=i386 and no errors occur it just goes to a black screen. What should I do!!
  6. Haha weird. My 1390 came intoday too. Flawless in Leo, idk about snowleo yet. I can't get the GFX kext working anymore. I don't know what I need to do. I tried like every combo
  7. haha yeah it's good the ipc has an awesome gma945 kext. Otherwise we would be screwed. I'm happy there's a tut for this laptop otherwise I would have figure what I needed and what not like I did with my sig pc. I just tried going from 10.5.7->10.6 and it was epic fail lol I used the autoinstaller and I forgot to install chamleon and my kexts before I installed SL aNd it was just a mess. I just formatted and haven't had time to try again. I got the follow kexts to get it to boot tho ichx bcm44x all the gma ones from iPc openrestarthault fakesmc nullappleintelcpu the ps2 drivers from iPC even though the keyboard worked but the mouse didn't, so I used a USB and then someothers that come by defaut. And I put the EFI string in the com.Boot.apple.plist. Someone has to patchthe kernal to get both CPUs working, I assume. But haven't gotten far enough to check. I'll keep you updated, and when I'm done, I'll make an autoinstaller for the m1210'S with GMA GFX and then write a tutorial in the future. I just need my FREAKIN wifi card to come in. I'm tired of usuing my iPhone as a modem lol. I've used like 2GBS in the past three days and there is a 5GB cap on iPhone data plans by AT&T >.> Ps the speeds on my phone are redic! I'm getting like 250KBS when dling iWork trial. PSS is your ethernet speeds slow? Could you by anychance test it for me. For some reason my speeds are like HELLASlow over Ethernet.
  8. LMAO i hope 10.7 will have it then. so can anyone help me on getting the DWA552 working on 32bit mode? i cant get it
  9. haha i totally understand ok so the little things im telling to you boot with are called kernal flags you boot with them to change how the computer boots so once you update to 10.5.7 your going to restart and when you do you should see the thing that says, if you want to change boot options please push anykey or it might say please push f8 well push what ever it asks you and then it shows your harddrive and then you type "-v -x" with out the quotes -v mode means verbose instead of seeing the apple and the spinning thing, you see the stuff that is happening in the background aka the files/kext/everything else thats being loaded -x means safe mode where it loads the most Basic things to get it too just show the desktop so no wifi ethernet gfx drivers. just like mouse and keybaord and usb and thats about it. when you update to 10.5.7 somewhere your GFX drivers are getting overwritten and you need to replace them with the ones that you know that work and when you try and boot without getting the old ones back it wont work and thenyou just see the black screen. so bootinto -x mode so its doesnt need any gfx drivers or anything. and then pop in the iPC 10.5.6 dvd and then install it but when you get to the part where you custimise it, just uncheck the top box becuase that will isntall everything over again, you just need the gffx drivers. so then go and find the intel gfx box and check that and then you should repair disk persmissions and whatnot and then you should be good and dude, your pretty lucky, this has been the easiest osx install i have had to do [3rd pc] my first one [signature] literally took me a week to get everything working and at that sleep still doesnt work. lol
  10. i dont think such a disc exsists. but all you have to do is, download the upadte from apples website and then install it and then boot into the -v -x mode and then install the gfx drivers from the disc.
  11. Just boot with -x and then install the drivers off the ipc DVD. Or you can boot to the DVD after you install the update and then when you hit customize don't click the box that says base files or whatever. Just install the GFX kext. And ps you really should boot with -v when changing system files so you can see any errors/kp
  12. Like in all honesty, what is in 10.5.8 that isn't in 10.5.7 that you need? I would rather have both cores in 10.5.7 than one core in 10.5.8 because you are literally losing 50% performace. I just got from 10.5. 6 to 10.5.7 an then made a image of it (9ish GB) and then put that on my hard drive so I won't have to worry about doing all this over again. And plus my ultimate goal is to get SL on this. I can just use the old LEO kexts and boot in 32bit mode. In theory it shouldn't be too hard lol. But that's just in theory. Ok I offically got everything working. 100% including sleep and what not. Now to get 110% which is 2 finger scorlling lol
  13. rohizzle121

    Why use an USB/memory/stick/pendrive etc etc

    And plus the ease of writing and rewriting stuff on a flash drive is there. And they are so cheap now! And doesn't require a DLDVD.
  14. Dude the m1330 is so nice. Even though it was cheaper when they first came out lol. I wonder if they will match your processor speed lol. You don't have to reinstall the whole os when you forget a drive. Just boot into the CD and when you hit customize just unchecked the base files a d then only pick what drivers you want. I got mine running pretty well. I found like yhis way to get the screen awake. Setyhe bottom left. Corner as sleep display. So when hou sleep it you just hover to that corner and mo ve away and it works.Tell me how the m1330 is.