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Dual Booting Windows 7 and OSX 10.5.6

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1. All you need to do is first , install W7. Then, create a new partition for your osx within Windows 7, format it as fat32 or ntfs and set to to be "active".


2. Then run the osx installation and before you start the install, go to Utilities and "disk utility" , select the partition you created from Windows 7 and format it as Journaled (don't delete it!).


3. Then, install as you would normally, selecting this partition as your installation target. (don't forget to customize your OSX installation with the necessary drivers for you system.)


4. After installation is complete, you will need to repair your Windows 7 boot loader, cause you probably won't be able to boot Windows 7.

Insert the Windows 7 installation DVD, at the first installation screen select your language etc, and at the second screen select "repair computer".

This will bring the W7 boot loader back, so you can boot W7.


Now you won't be able to load osx!

So boot in Windows 7, and unhide your hidden 200MB partition:


1. In disk management, assign a drive letter for your 200MB hidden partition.


2.Download EasyBCD and add a new boot entry, select MacOS, Generic X86, Add, Save. That's it.


You can now have dual boot with Windows 7 and OSX

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