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Multiboot Vista on one hard drive, and leo on the 2nd

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Firstly...I tried to install leo4all v2 on my 190 gig portable hard drive but it had errors upon verifying the disk.


I suppose I can't ask where I can download a stable/complete leo4all v3 so I will ask if it is available for download in any format other than torrents since I really don't like torrent. Call me a stick in the mud but I prefer direct downloads...even if they are in pieces.


I do know that certain sites have leo4all (the version is unspecified) in 19 parts so that's a tad tedious.




Anyway...on to my main question.


My HP laptop, an HP pavilion dv9700 (Vista Home Prem. 64 bit, AMD turionx2 64, 4 gigs of RAM)


has 2 hard drives. The primary one with 230 gigs I believe...and a backup HD of 12 gigs which I have Ubuntu on currently. 


If there any easy way to install leopard...either leo4all or another way, onto the smaller HDD, since it only takes up 7gb or so last time I checked and then have it work on a dual boot system from startup like I have Ubuntu doing now.


I am a noob...so please be patient with me. :-p

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