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    Leo4all Live DVD?

    Sorry for another noobish question but I read somewhere that Leo4all's install CD would come with a live dvd function...is this true? If so...what version of leo4all is it and does anyone know where to look for it since I have had no luck finding comprehensive information on the subject. Thanks! -Winlinmac12
  2. winlinmac12

    iPC trouble?

    Believe it or not, I didn't use a torrent. I don't like using torrents. I do direct downloads only. All the files are there. Maybe someone just saved it as the wrong format. I'm going to try changing it's file extension to .iso and burn it. If it doesn't work. I'll just have to try again. By the way...do you know which Distros work with AMD since that's what I have and not all of the distros say what they can work with. Thanks, Winlinmac12
  3. winlinmac12

    iPC trouble?

    Okay...so I am trying a new distro of Leo. iPC. I just got it all downloaded and now I am unzipping it. Something stange came out of it though. Instead of an ISO or IMG file, I got something called a "P2 File" What is a P2 file and if it isn't burnable to disk to run, can it be converted. Otherwise that's several hours worth of time downloading down the drain. Thanks! Winlinmac12
  4. Hey. Did you ever get Leo to work? If so...how? I have a dv9700 and Leo 10.5.2 installed on a portable hard drive. It won't recognize it has a bootable system on it and thusly goes straight into regular boot.
  5. winlinmac12

    Kalyway 10.5.2 on HP Pavillion dv9700 !

    I wish I knew. I have a dv9700 with AMD Turion x2 and I got as far as completely installing it on my portable hard drive. When I try to boot it...it just blinks the _ a few times and goes into normal boot. People tell me it's the BIOS...and it's driving me nuts because I can't get it to update, reinstall, and it doesn't host any options to change the ACPI settings and whatnot.
  6. winlinmac12

    10.5.2 on an HP DV9700

    Did you ever get Leo to work? I've been trying on and off for about a month and I can't get it to run on my dv9700. I have that version installed correctly on my Maxtor portable hard drive but it won't boot. HP's BIOS seems to lack the option to change settings.
  7. Okay...using Ubuntu, I have looked inside my installation of Leo Kalyway 10.5.2 for AMD 64s. I feel as though it is missing the file that starts up the OS boot...like the way ISOs anf IMGs start up disks, games, etc. All I know is that I installed it successfully...but I have NOT made Leo boot from my external hard drive. I've been told over and over it's a bios issue...but perhaps I am missing a file. The files/folders inside the drive, that are visible are the following: Applications, Library, System, Users, and then a strange un-openable document named mach_kernel.ctfsys Is this correct. Also...has anyone on here ever gotten Leo to work on an HP Pavilion 9700 before or am I going through all this for nothing because it's not compatible. >_< Thanks, Winlinmac12
  8. Does anyone know of a way to tweak bios settings from outside the BIOS setup because my BIOS config utility from the startup has no options dealing with anything that could get me closer to running Leo. My problem...which I haven finally figured out is that my computer won't boot from the external hard drive because it does not recognize it as an entity beyond the fact that it is connected. It gives me the option to boot...the I click it and it gives me a blinking _ _ _ thing and then goes into normal booting of Vista Home Prem. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can make it recognize the HFS+ system and boot from it? I have a feeling it has to do with my BIOS...but I can't update it and it gives me no advanced options to toy with so I need some help. Merci! -Winlinmac12 _____________________ Additional: Does anyone know if one can do the above actions from Linux or from a Linux startup menu since I have Ubuntu
  9. winlinmac12

    BIOS Utility Software?

    Hello. Are there any programs (downloadable of course) that can help one to alter BIOS settings manually if the BIOS menu does not give enough options. Secondly, if there are no programs...does anyone know of a bootable cd or dvd program system than can do that? Lastly...is there any way to force a BIOS update or to modify a current bios in order for it to be compatible to read and boot an HFS formatted system since that seems to be my problem. I can't update my bios and it doesn't currently have any acpi settings or anything close to what I should be changing to get certain things to work... The last thing I want to hear is that my computer just isn't compatible...so some assistance would be nice. Thanks!
  10. winlinmac12

    Please...help me. BIOS and AMD Issues...

    Well how do I fix these motherboard/southbridge problems and what are they exactly. Also...are you saying I should try instaled Leo using other versions of the installer other than Kalyway...such as Leo4all or iAkios or Deneb and that might solve the problem? Also...what is the most current/stableversion I should look for? Thanks!
  11. winlinmac12

    HP DV Series Whitelist BIOS hack

    Hello there. I am having major issues with my BIOS. I have a dv9700 with a F.30 BIOS. It has no advanced options in it's startup menus...and it won't update despite numerous attempts. I was told I need to change some things in order for the computer to recognize Leo installed on my portable hdd. I would appreciate it if you could skim over some of my other help request posts to get a gist of my problem since I don't feel like typing it out for the hundreth time and having no one actually give me advice I can follow. Please make note that I have an AMD processor and not an Intel. My specs are below. Thanks. Winlinmac12
  12. Hello...I've been working at this for over two weeks with little to no advancement. I installed Leo on my portable Hdd. No problem. The issue is that the computer doesn't recognize it when I want to boot it...it just does the blinking _ _ _ thing and then goes into normal boot or a list of ways to boot Vista (safemode, etc...) Several people have metioned that this is due to not setting up my BIOS correctly. I've spent most of the day trying different ways of accessing the BIOS and updating it but neither works...I can get into the Phoenix BIOS utility but there is no advanced feature that allows me to alter the ACIP and other settings. Is there any sort of CD/DVD based utility program that can be booted to alter bios settings...or a way to modify the BIOS I have currently to give me more options. As long as I don't crash my computer or wipe out my primary hard drive, I'm willing to spend the time to do whatever I need to. Please, please, please...give me some ideas/advice as to what I can do to solve my problem and get my HP to boot Leopard. Just on a side note...when I used Kalyway 10.5.2 to install Leopard...it wouldn't recognize any drives of the 2 I have internally. It only recognized my maxtor portable hdd because it was in the Mac OS Extended format. I know Mac should have recognized the NTFS systems on my computer...but it didn't. Anyone know why or have a guess as to what I can do to change that? Thanks, -Winlinmac12
  13. winlinmac12

    BIOS Setup?

    In order to boot Leopard at all...it is necessary to make changes to the BIOS or should it just boot normally after installation? -Winlinmac12
  14. winlinmac12

    HP DV9700 iPC 10.5.6 Install

    I have a question that HP Tech Support has yet to answer so I thought it might be faster to ask you. I have a Pavillion DV9700 (my specs are below. So far, if you haven't read any of my noobish posts, my issues have been mainly about booting. When I installed Leo on my portable maxtor hdd, the Kalyway DVD 10.5.2 (yes I know it's an old distro...) it would only recognize my portable drive after formatting it to Mac OS extended. Someone on here told me this wasn't normal since Mac OS should, at the very least, be able to recognize the presence of 2 NTFS formatted hard drives albeit in installation or otherwise...and be able to format them properly. It said it installed fine after setting all the custom settings for AMD and whatnot. Now my issue seeminly lies within my BIOS. When I try to boot it from the portable HDD...it goes to the black screen with the _ blinking...and then goes into regular boot...well Vista bootloader since I have ubuntu on the backup int. hard drive. I checked the Apple2PC website and the section on BIOS setup talks about changing BIOS settings that one user on here tells me have to do with recognizing certain types of formats on boot or USB port. hard drives or something. The last thing I want to hear is that my hardware isn't compatible. I spend good money on this laptop and thusly expect it to be able to handle most any task. I've booted portable linux OSes from USB sticks...so I don't know what the problem is. Please help. Thanks, Winlinmac12
  15. winlinmac12

    General questions from a noob. Please help.

    Okay...so how do I set my BIOS up properly?