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Several Hackintosh Problems - iDeneb/iPC


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Welcome everybody. First of all i apologize for my english mistakes. I usually speak german. :)


Now to the important part. First my Hardware Configuration:


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 6600 2,4gz

RAM: 3 x 1 gb Geil DDR2 800

Motherboard: Asus P5B Deluxe (with Intel Chipset i guess)

Graphiccard: nVidia Geforce 8800GTX 768mb


If something else is important please let me know and i will add it but now to my problems.


First i tried iDeneb, can't remember which version, the installation did work but after that i never was able to boot from my hard disk. So someone gave me the advise to use iPC 10.5.5. After i downloaded and burnt it i was trying to install. I tried to install these custom settings(i was told to. :) ) Picture. Meant are the entries with the dots and the weird paint drawn stuff means "customize". I did check all the boxes and i was installing but in the end i got this error message:


Install failed

Mac OS X could not be installed on your Computer.


The installer could not make the computer Start up from the volume "disk0s1". You may need to select your disk using the Startup Disk Utility.


Click Restart to restart your computer and try installing again.


Well i tried several times, hopeless. Maybe you got some usefull ideas but i am for my part finished with my knowledge. If it's necesarry to know, i have 2 hard disks in my PC. A 36gb Raptor(With still Windows Vista 32bit) and a 400gb Western Digital. Could Vista causing some trouble?! I thought i could first test Mac OS X on the second Drive and after i know what to check during the installation i would delete my 36gb and install it there.


Thx for any ideas and for help.


NutmegApple. :)

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Can be Closed. :P


I just deleted my Vista and used iDeneb again and it worked. Here the things i have choosen:


Kernel: Default(Vanilla)

Chipset: ICHx (Asus P5B Deluxe has a ICH8)

Fixes: Apple SMBIOS 800

Video: NVinject

Ethernet: Skge Marvell.


Hope this will help somebody.

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