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Win7, audio remapping and drivers


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I think I am going to wipe my hard drive and start over, this time installing Win7 and Leopard.

I already have an iPC install with the new Chameleon as a bootloader, but I am worried about the actual install.

Doesn't Win7 have to be the first partition? (not including the 200MB EFI)

Can someone help me in installing?


I also need a way to get all of my drivers without overwriting my vanilla ones. I think I've already done this on my current install. It would be great to be able to use the actual Apple updater. Specs in my siggy. (Yes I have an ALC888).


As for audio, I currently have speakers plugged into my line out, my line in and microphone ports to get 4.1 surround (center speaker broken). Do I need to manually modify the AppleHDA kext to remap the ports?





(Sorry for all the questions)




BTW I am already using EFI strings for video, although the audio won't work with EFI.

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