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10.5.6 DWA-110 Not Detecting on Start Up, Unable to Wake from Sleep


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I still can't get my USB wireless adapter to be automatically detected when I start up. It works if I unplug it and put it back in or if I boot up with -f -x in Darwin.


-Solution- Add -f Boot flag in Boot.plist. Found here


My Specs:

Gigabyte P35-DS3P


2GB of RAM

FoxConn 8800GTS 320MB ({censored} to set up)

AL899a Audio

Mutliple SATA NTFS hard drives (switched from XP)

DWA-110 USB Wireless Adapter Running on RT2500


Sleep doesn't work properly either. I can put it to sleep, but can't get it to wake up again. I have read about turning on "Restart Automatically", but that doesn't seem to work for me. I have also tried replacing IOUSBFamily.kext with the 10.5.5 version, but that doesn't work either.


Anyone with similar specs managed to figure out those two problems?

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