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GRUB Cannot load Windows or Mac OS X


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Well, I've just recently installed Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.5 on my computer, and I'm having some problems with my little GRUB boot loader.


I have 5-7 different partitions on my hard drive, 4 for operating systems (one that's ext3 that I haven't installed anything on it yet), one or two for Linux Swap, and one for media storage (NTFS) for my Windows partition.


In Windows, I resized one of my Linux partitions to create about 14.5 GB of free space for my Mac OS X install. Then, I formatted it to NTFS, and then booted the install DVD. I then opened up the Disk Utility and formatted that 14.5 GB partition to HFS+. I installed OS X on that partition and then rebooted.


When I got to GRUB, I selected "Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" in the selection panel (since OS X wasn't present in GRUB, I assumed it was there) and then I got this little error:



Booting 'Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition'


root (hd0,1)

Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0x7



chainloader +1



I'm pretty sure it isn't the DVD's fault, because I successfully installed it on my laptop with no problems, so then the problem could be that I put it in an extended partition, but I'm not too knowedgable about those kinds of things to know for sure.


One thing is for sure, I cannot erase my Windows partition, because it holds valuable information, if there isn't anything I can do about it, I'll probably have to move my files over to an external hard drive, or connect it as a secondary hard drive to another computer and upload my files from there.


If you people can help me, that would be awesome. Thanks.

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the partition need to be type AF

the partition need to be primary

the partition need to be BEFORE extended


if grub was linking to the ext3 partition and you moved it, it will not load corectly anymore


remove the file system line from menu.lst/grub.conf


simply use the chain0 file to link grub to osx

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Well, my problem isn't that I can't get into Mac, I don't really care about OS X right now. My problem is that I can't get into Windows to retrieve some documents that I want. But thanks for the suggestion, I'll just need to find the correct partition number for OS X.

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