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Help with booting retail dvd


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Hi, im new at this mac on pc thing i have read serveral tutorials about the subject and learned some new things, so i got the retail dvd of the MAC OS X LEOPARD V10.5.6, i burned it on a dl dvd at the minimum speed, i downloaded the boot cd and tried to start the instalation, the first time i tried normaly without writting -"X" on the boot cd, and it freezed after apering the apple logo, so i tried a number of -"X", v,f,s and all of them i get the error "still waiting for root device" i tried to folow some tips in the bios, in the boot cd but non of them work.


MY Specs:


Toshiba M-70

intel centrino 1.7 ghz sse2

1gb of ram,

Intel video card 64mb



I hope anyone can help me


Thanks in advance

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