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I'm looking for a USB Network Hub to connect a Verbatim 1TB USB Hard Drive to my home network so that it can be accessed by my 2 x macs and 1 x PC. The only one I can find is:




However although it looks the business and will sit nicely next to my predominately gloss black home technology environment it appears to be just to damm slow when it comes to data transfers.


My main reason is so that I can use it for Time Machine on my macs but also somewhere to stick all my music and photos and be able to access them on each PC without having to plug and unplug my hard drive in.


I know I can by an Ethernet HDD or an Ethernet Enclosure for an HDD but the HDD I just bought is brand new.


Anyone know of a model with better transfer rates, or has BELKIN sorted out this problem with a firmware update?


Many thanks. :happymac:

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I am looking for a wireless-usb-hub Leopard compatible...


I found something like...


- belkin F5U301



- belkin F5U302


- belkin F5U303


- iogear GUWH104 (GUWH104kit)


- iogear GUWH204 


- dlink DUB-2240




...but seems there is no one compatible with MacOS... 





Who know a compatible device ???

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