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  1. Is there a software running in osx to sync atcive 3d glasses (over IR,USB or Bluetooth of a MBP) in order to view 3D video even if in low quality (low refreh) ??? What brand of active glasses are compatible ?
  2. Is there a way also with 3rd party apps to have multiple desktops on osx ? I do not could obtain what I wish with exposè&spaces I need to have differen icons (and not only windows) in different deskops And should be fine to have also different wall paper or expandible wallpaper like in Android phones for example ???
  3. After years of perfect working my bluetooth stps working good. Now when I try to send\take files from my mobile phone via MBP all is ok. But... if I try to send files from my mobile phone to my MBP I could not... no more... I have look in preference panels on sharing bluetooth and I noticed that I could not change settings Please help me... this video show you what is my problem: I have noticed that with other accounts all workd well... how to repair this problem on my ccount? -sorry for bad english- macbook pro 2,2 Mac OS X (10.6.3)
  4. "dimensione del nodo B-tree non valido" : "Invalid B-tree node size" : What is it ? What cause it ? How to fix it withut data loss ? My 1TB usb disk was waring correctly when sudden stops... no idea... no hurt... no thunderstorm... nothing could explain me what cause this... How is it possible? May be timemachine cause this ? thanks...
  5. My MBP when has low battery goes in standby ... When is 5% or less Where to find how to change this value ??? I want to set it different for example at 20% ....
  6. Hi everybody... I need help to configure ftp access on my MBP... I select folder sharing ftp... I add only one folder in "shared folder"... But seems you can access whole pc !!!!!!!! How to fix it ??? I've selected only one folder!! Is a bug or somthing wrong ? thanks...
  7. aid1985

    camtwist per snow leopard ?

    ...deduzione fondata. l'equazione "utente mac medio"="adoratore dell' off topic" non trova ancora eccezioni. Chiedo al sommo Dante di aiutarmi a far comprendere in Italiano aulico tale astrusa questione: "Come posso far funzionare bene camtwist in snowleopard ?" Scusate la mia ignoranza perdonate gli errori grammaticali bannatemi se sgarro qualche punteggiatura e vi prego non evitate di fare esposto alla guardia di finanza in caso di neologismi !!!
  8. go to system preferences->keyboard->keyboard shortcuts->services and check the box next to "send file to bluetooth device".
  9. aid1985

    Snow Leopard Bugs.

    go to system preferences->keyboard->keyboard shortcuts->services and check the box next to "send file to bluetooth device".
  10. Since I had installed SnowLeopard I'm unable to send files over bluetooth using the key combination command-shift-B. How to restore it ????????????????????????????????
  11. aid1985

    camtwist per snow leopard ?

    Ma quindi info su camtwist deduco non vi sia verso di averne ... l' ot regna sovrano anche qui ? ho aperto con camtwist e la discussione non ha mai sfiorato questo software... bene... ok... non melo sarei mai aspettato...
  12. aid1985

    Snow Leopard Bugs.

    How to send files over bluetooth with SnowLeopard ??? With Leopard I used to press: command-shift-B Now this do not works. How to restore this shortkey ???
  13. aid1985

    camtwist per snow leopard ?

    continuo a non capire... giorgio are you italian ? why to write english in italian section ?
  14. do not works: - DesktopSweeper - CamTwist this is very strange and stupid... why we can't run this on snowleopard ? I am able to run powerPC applications, to emulate windows but not to run some 10.5 apps ?!?!?!?!?! the same for me... a lot of screensaver does not work... may apple resolve thise problems or I want some back