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Leo4all v2 help?


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Hello. I burned Leo4all v2 (yes I realize there is a more current one) and it worked fine up to the point in the menus of asking me to choose a destination for install.  My computer has 2 HDDs, one with Vista on it (which I don't want to use) and one 12 gig (made for HP backups) which has ubuntu happily on it. 


only listed one destination and it wouldn't let me use it. It said something like that it only had 4 gigs of space or something like that.


I want to install it on my second HDD like a partition so when the bootloader comes up in the beginning booting process, instead of having as options






it will have the leo4all instead of ubuntu.




I guess there is more to this process than just burning the iso and hoping it works.


Any help is greatly appretiated.





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