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Am I wasting my time?

Tanner Nelson

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If your reading this then..thanks!! :)


I really want any kind of Mac OS on my computer because i'm doing a lot of design stuff and i think mac handles it a lot better then windows. Plus i'm going to be making some presentations for school and Keynote '09 looks like it will be a really good tool. But enough of this,


what i really want to know is


Am i wasting my time by trying to download and install leopard?


Here is what ive got-


I have like 50gigs of data that i would REALLY like to keep. I dont have an external harddrive and i want to try to keep it in a partition that i can access from leopard. If possible. Or just keep windows on my computer all together and put leopard in a new partition. This would be the best incase the install doesn't have internet or something i can switch back and forth.


Computer Specs (Its a laptop!! D:) this information was hard for me to gather kind of! i dont know if its right, but all you need is the CPU right?


SSE3 CPU - Intel GM965

Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family [Display adapter]

and an Atheros AR5B91 Wireless Network Adapter


those are the only things i 'think' need to work


but im probably wrong


so basically, i want to install leopard on a partition with said hardware, and i would like to know if i even have a shot getting leopard to work.


Thank you so much for your help! If you ever need ANY type of media designed for you i am your man! I am good with after effects final cut photoshop dreamweaver flash you name it! I would definately repay anyone who wants to help me or even gives me an answer!! And im not scared of command lines! :)



Tanner :P

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probably it could work, but anyway backup your data !!

everything can go wrong (and will when you really don't need it!!)


maybe you can tell us what kind of laptop you are using (brand and type)


i guess it's using intel x3100 video and ich8m chipset with a sata hard drive and probably an ide dvd burner...


but some biosses require settings...




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