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Well I got all my new gear and finally built it up on Tuesday. The components were:


Asus P5LD2-VM

Intel Pentium D 950 with stock heatsink

Patriot ddr2 2g ultra low cas 667mhz

WD 320g sata2 hard disc

Apple mighty mouse


The old stuff I reused:


Maxtor 200g diamond max 10 hard disc

WD 120g ata133 hard disc

Nec 4550A dvd burner

Hiper 480w psu

Akasa eclipse case


So I backed up all my data and popped JaS 10.4.6 on a dvdr. Installed all the gear into the case slowly with an antistatic wrist strap. Never used one before but I decided to do everything by the book.


Then I was ready to install osx. I fired her up and set up the bios. Reset and put the disc in the drive. 5mins later i'm setting up the hard disc (320g sata2). I install osx onto a 100g partition - 10 minutes later its done.


I reset and boot me emergency disc, set the osx partition as active and reboot again. Osx loads in about 15 seconds no errors and ready to go. I swap azaliaaudio out and woot I have sound.


It's now Friday and i've been beavering away. So far so good everytihng works great. I've had the few odd crashes from safari (three) but that's it. The mighty mouse is cooooool ! Total time taken to install osx - 20minutes.





I installed xp64 to the maxtor. No need to worry about boot loader as its easy to use the bios boot selector. xp took about 35 minutes to install, just about the only thing it installed drivers for was usb. However as I installed the chipset drivers and rebooted xp thought it would be clever and disable usb. So there I was with no way of controling xp. Reinstall again and whay installed the chipset drivers and it worked. Total time taken 2hrs. What a {censored} take & xp is supposed to be built for this hardware.



How does the hardware stack up? Well it seems pretty good so far. The mighty mouse is cool and everything works apart from sound in.


Software i've checked out is:


All built in apple stuff but iChat bombs out as soon as you try to connect



Adobe CS2 (seems about as fast as it was on my p4 3.2g under xp)

Aperture 1.1

Fire (great)

MacMame (little bit slow)

MacPAR Deluxe (real fast)


NFO Viewer


Toast 7.02



Torrent Station

VLC (bit odd keep having to delete prefs somethimes)

Stuff it deluxe 10

iGrabnews (slow interface errors downloading)


DivX dvd and hdtv (1080i) all play fine on the gma950, in all apps.


Canon i990 printer works fine

Lacie Electron Blue crt works fine 1600x1200@95hz



Theres one last thing. My Dazzle usb2 CF card reader does *not* work under osx. It corrupts the files when I try to copy them off. Bummer.


Well hope this helps anyone with their build ;)



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