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iPC doesnt boot


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Hi folks.


I have installed iPC 10.5.6 OSx86 n my PC and the install worked fine so far. But after reboot i get a black screen and blinking cursor. I have read some posts about making the install bootable by executing some script(s) in terminal mode. Heres one link:




all the docs tell me to start some scripts and stuff from the "/usr/misc" directory. The problem is that i obviously dont have that directory neither on the iPC DVD nor on my HDD after install.


As it seems iPC doesnt come with the needed scripts or puts them somewhere else.

Can anyone give me a hint as i m new to this whole thing and dont know how to get it booting?



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Just put your iPC disc in an let the time let out..it'll boot then, or you can press f8 and type in


where X is the disc number (starting with 0) and Y is he partition number (starting with 1).


Hope this helps,



Forgot to add: once you do boot into leopard you can install the latest chameleon 2.0 bootloader.

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