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    sudo rm -rf /
  1. XBOX 360 slim or PS3 slim

    Unless you wanting a Blu-Ray player, go for the Xbox 360. Performance is just as good as the PS3 and the Xbox Live community is so much better than PSN (plus Kinect).
  2. Who ever said that you need a bank to have a credit card? While mine is under a bank I believe that you can get credit cards from Capital One and other places w/o a bank
  3. PCLinuxOS menu

    Hey all, I downloaded the PCLinuxOS distro back a few days ago and i love it on my laptop. However, I love the Linux Mint distro because of its relation to Ubuntu and its start menu. I was wondering if there is a way to get that same menu on a non-debian based OS, i.e. PCLinuxOS? Here is the screenshot of the menu: http://www.linuxmint.com/img/screenshots/helena/mintmenu.png Thanks in advance, MGJulius
  4. The Apple iPad is released

    From what I've read from Apple's site it looks like a iPod on steriods
  5. I'm still waiting for efficient cold fusion. That'll solve all of our energy problems, and Chernobyl happened because the Russians screwed up....horribly, i.e. throw safety out the window.
  6. My photography

    You also need to apply a water mark to your photo's so no one can use them as their own work. It's pretty easy, just make a text layer and change the opacity to like 20-40%
  7. What are you running Windows 7 on?

    The computer in my specs and an Asus F8P-X2B
  8. Chameleon 2 RC2 is out

    First off download the binaries instead of the package, it contains the stuff you want. Next use the "cdboot" file in the tutorial specified here: clicky Hope this helps, MGJulius
  9. AMD: MANY apps won't work...

    How are you running the vanilla kernel w/ AMD again?
  10. I cant see Coverflow...

    You need to update to 10.5.5 to get QE/CI on your 9400
  11. I am so stuck

    Try booting with "-v -f -x cpus=1" without the quotes
  12. Can't edit info.plist file

    If want to do any work in the terminal you need a password. Doesn't matter what it is....123 works fine
  13. Noy Formating issue

    Try setting SATA controller back to IDE mode
  14. iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 on Vostro 1500

    The only media you need is the installation disc...however, you need to select the appropriate drivers to get everything working. I would recommend searching your laptop in the forums to see if anyone has gotten success
  15. Try booting into safe mode, "-x" at the darwin prompt.