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Wie das Offset einer Binary Datei ändern ? ATI X700 Callisto B3 Problem


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ALso mein einziges Problem ist eigentlich die 1280x800 Auflösung!



Qe+Ci also die Hardware beschleunigung hab ich alles hinbekommen!


Koverg Patch installiert! Qe + Ci Enabled aber nur 1024x768 Auflösung


Callisto B6 Kext installiert! Hab nun auch 1280x800 und andere Auflösungen aber


bei 1280x800 flackerts gewaltig!



Dann hab ich das hier gefunden!




We have to setup 2 components:


1. 2D Driver (ATIRadeon9700.kext)

1.1) Update the Info.plist XML file with your hardware ID

3D Driver (ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin)

1.2) Update the Info.plist XML file exchange IONVDRVFrameBuffer with CallistoFB

2. LCD panel ModeLine for 1280x800 (Callisto 006 Patched)

Install Callisto 006 patched in the easy way like other extensions.

How to patch yourself Callisto 006 binaries:

2.A) You need to know the RIGHT Modeline of your Flat LCD panel (you can read it on Linux Xorg log output, easy and clear)

May be (dot clock frequency):



71510 2. cool.gif Find Callisto 006 already patched binary at addres 0x490E

2.C) Perform some numeric operations:

71250 Decimal to HEX = 0x00XXYYZZ

Reverse the BYTES: ZZYYXX00

Write it from address 0x490E 2.D) Ready now you have the patched Callisto binary

copy it into MacOSX Extensions folder

clear cache and reboot

Tip: if you read always 71250 on callisto dump at boot do not warry this is not updated.

Warning: look at callisto 006 binary at address 0x490E you must find some like 71xxx decimal value, if you didn't find this you are using wrong binary



Found this on the Web! Maybe it can help




Aber ich hab kein Plan wie ich die Offsett Adreese 0x490E ändern kann! :-(

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