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  1. Touchscreen is Working but no Multitouch and i cant open Folders for example. I tried double click, long double click.
  2. Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Can explain a Howto for Absolute Beginners? I have a T420 with Bios 1.48 Thaaaank you
  3. Toshiba L70 DSDT.aml Compile Problem

    @jL4c @Artur I did it Thank you soooooo much. I applied the Convert GPU to IGPU and the Nvidia Off Patches from Rehabman to SSDT-7.aml and SSDT-6.aml. I have now a Perfect Hackbook. Hd4600M Working Perfect without Garble Screen Glitches etc Nvidia is not Show Anymore in GPU Sleep is Working Webcam is working Only Wlan is not Working due Incompatible Hardware but this is not a big Deal. Maybe I change it later or buy a Wlan USB Dongle. Now i make a Tutorial for the Toshiba L70 Notebook. Im so happy now :-)
  4. Toshiba L70 DSDT.aml Compile Problem

    sorry. Delete zip at the end. Its not a Zip file. Rename it to SSDT-7.aml
  5. Toshiba L70 DSDT.aml Compile Problem

    Artur can you Compile SSDT-7.aml ? I have 13 Errors. I need to Patch this SSDT-7.aml for disable the Nvidia GPU. Thank you so much SSDT-7.aml.zip
  6. Toshiba L70 DSDT.aml Compile Problem

    No tried this DSDT.aml Nvidia is listed in Graphics Settings in About this Mac. Thank you for your Help Artur. SSDT-7.aml.zip
  7. Toshiba L70 DSDT.aml Compile Problem

    Update 26.11.15 Sleep is working Perfect after apply USB 3.0 7 Series and 8 Series Patches from Rehabmab. Only the Nvidia i cant disabled. Its listed in the GPU along with the HD4600M. I add nv_disable=1 in Clover. Added almost every Patch from Rehabman no Chance. Its beyond my skills :-) Maybe someobe help me out. Thank you
  8. Toshiba L70 DSDT.aml Compile Problem

    Thank you soooooo much Artur. Its working. I have now a Brightness Slider in Display Settings. Can you tell me what Fixes do you apply to the DSDT and SSDT files? I have now 2 things to do for a almost Perfect Hackintosh. To completely Disable Nvidia GPU and Sleep. Artur you are the Best thank you again. Musti
  9. Toshiba L70 DSDT.aml Compile Problem

    Thank you so much Artur. I have my Hd4600 Mobile Version Fully Working. The next thing is the Brightness Fix and Sleep fix. One Question about the SSDT files i have. Do i need all SSDT Files or is it enough when i only use the SSDT in your Uploaded ACPI.zip? I want to Fix my Brightness because i have no Slider in Monitor Settings and its boot with Max Brightness.
  10. Toshiba L70 DSDT.aml Compile Problem

    Hello. I bought a new 17.3 inch Laptop with i7 Haswell. Toshiba l70-A-13N Specs are i7 4700MQ Haswell CPU Nvidia Optimus with GT740M and Intel HD4600M. I know only the Nvidia Hd4600 is supported. Device id 0416 Vendor is 8086. I created a Virgin DSDT.aml from Cover with pressing F4. Now i want to Compile it with Maciasl but i have 196 Errors and it dont Compile it. I Managed to install 10.11.2 everything is working but only the HD4600 is not working. Can somebody help me? I Uploaded the DSDT.am only and the Whole SSDt DSDT Stuff all are virgin no Patches etc. Thank you DSDT.aml.zip Archiv.zip
  11. @TheEmoEmu Thats wrong. I have installed Windows 10 with full EFI. 100 MB Efi Partition. Partitioned the HDD with 2 Partition and formatted the 2. Partition with Gparted to HFS+. Installed El Capitan to the 2. Partition without Problems. Working with Clover no Probz
  12. Wifi usb adapter issues

    I copy pasted the install script into Terminal. Entered my Sudo Passwort. Then i edit the two files in etc Folder with your Code. Installed your Wireless Network Utility into Applications Folder. Deletee the other from me What make i wrong??
  13. Wifi usb adapter issues

    Can you explain a little bit more for Noobs. I download Sleepwatcher but there is no Installer only a Sleepwatcher Terminal file when i start it nothing happens only some Text Output. I changed the two files with your Content and copied it to etc Folder. And Please can you upload your Wireless Network Utility App? I have a different i think
  14. Wifi usb adapter issues

    Any News? My Wifi Stick Breaks Sleep too in El Capitan. Under Yosemite same Wifi Stick works Perfect.
  15. DSDT patch for TOSHIBA Satellite L750

    You can use the same Guide from Yosemite You have to add Bootargs rootless=1