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Old P4, what do you think?

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Hey, I found a cheap shop that has old S.423 P4 on sale. I´ve seen one really cheap with this motherboard:



Do you think is hackintoshable? I would have to get a modern agp card, a lan card, and probably a sound card... but what do you think about the chipset?

phuck that, get an atom motherboard and your done!

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Yes, I know an Atom board would be better, and I know there are better boards out there. But you are assuming I am next to you and I am not. I live in Argentina, and PCs aren´t as cheap as they are where you are. Besides, I might be able to build this PC for 80 dollars, including mobo, P4 1.7ghz, 1gb ram and FX5200. I just need a PC for surfing and MP3, and for that price, a Hackintoshable PC is great (at least over here).


So, please, I would just like to know if there would be any problem with the chipset and the audio. I´ve read many people have (or had) that chipset and had fully working pcs, but just to make sure, I´m asking here. Oh, and also, do you think it will support Leopard? Or is it better to just stick with Tiger?




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