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    Acer C720 Chromebook SeaBIOS

    Also interested. I read somewhere that the GPU is the Intel HD2500, which now is supported OOB.
  2. Hey all, I have the latest (and last, apparently) white Macbook, and I just bought an Optibay knockoff, which will let me remove the DVDRW drive and put another HDD in there. So I thought, I'll use a small HDD for the system, and a big one for my files. For now, I have only one 750gb HDD with everything in it. So, do you guys know which is the best way to migrate the system (and only the system) to other 250gb disk? Cheers
  3. Macarelo

    MSI H61M-E23 Install

    Any news on your setup? what graphics card are you using? I'm eyeing that mainboard a lot lately... good luck!
  4. Hi, I´m somewhat new to all this hackintosh world, I´m currently looking to build a SFF PC with a mini itx board to use only with OSX, and the only motherboad I know that fully works is the Atom one. But I need some more power. Searching through newgg I stumbled upon this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813500012 It has a 630i/7100 chipset, which I´ve read here that is compatible, but I cant find anywhere what sound chipset it uses, because in that same thread they say everything works but the audio, which is ALC888. Maybe this mobo has a different audio chipset, I dont know. But does anyone else know? It would be a nice mobo for a SFF build...
  5. Macarelo

    ATI Radeon 3450 works

    What about the "Ati 3400 256mb" EFI string option in OSX86Tools?
  6. I'm about to do a retail install, I have a Gigabyte P43/ICH10 mobo, and found a guide for a Gigabyte P45/ICH10R with installation files included. I compared both mobos and the only thing different are those two things, lan and sound are the same. So, can I use that guide? Will those files work for me?
  7. I don't remember how exactly I resolved it, but I remember that one of the things I did was use the cpus=1 flag and turned off some things in the BIOS. USB Legacy Support > Disabled Execute Disabled bit > Enabled Max CPUiD Value Limit > Disabled After that it all booted up, and after the install I didn't need the cpus=1 flag. If it doesn't work with just that flag try adding the -f -v too. Good luck.
  8. Macarelo

    after effects no abre?

    Cesar, además de que creo que te confundiste de sección en dónde postear tu problema, tenés que especificar un poco mejor cuál es el mismo, no sólo copiar y pegar un log. Contá qué máquina tenés, qué pudo haber causado tu problema, etc. Vas a tener mucho mejor resultado si preguntás en inglés, y si querés preguntar en español, tenés que ir a la sección de Español de este sitio. Suerte.
  9. Macarelo

    MSI G31M3-F vs. iDeneb v1.4

    I had exactly the same problem and motherboard. I did various reinstalls, and finally found out that my problem was the NVinject. I did a fresh install but with NVdarwin and it finally booted up correctly. All in all, it isn't really stable, at least using the vanilla kernel. Let me now how it works out for you.
  10. Macarelo

    ALC888 MSI G31m3-L V2 NOTHING Works as stated in threads!

    Same happens to me. I think the best to do is put in a linux live cd and get a codec dump, but I cant do it this week. I'm sticking to stereo out only for now. If you get the codec dump, would you post it please? Thanks
  11. Macarelo

    10.5.6 on an MSI G31M3-L V2

    What modified BIOS did you use? The g31m3-f-v2-ms-7529? Please, I'm building a PC for a client that needs a hackintosh and I'm stuck with this mobo!
  12. I have the same problem, but this happens when I insert the XxX 10.5.6 install DVD to a new computer. The motherboard used is MSI G31M3-L V2, with a G31 chipset (with BIOS patched). All SATA drives. I can't get past it even with -f -v. Does anyone know whats going on?
  13. Hi all, I´m not a noob but not an expert yet, so here is my problem. I have OS X installed in a hard drive, which has to go to another computer. I bought a new hard drive to replace the old one. Now, how hard it would be to move all the files to the new hard drive? is it just copy and paste (from another os)? I read somewhere that I would have to rewrite the MBR, is that correct? Would I have more complications? To keep the order of the HDDs (I have currently 4 installed) I would have to plug in the new one in the same SATA port where the old one was, right? What do you think? OK, found this http://lowendmac.com/ed/royal/08sr/clone-mac-os-x.html and this http://www.bombich.com/software/ccc.html Sorry for making a thread. Google rocks.
  14. Ok, Google rocks but no so much. Tried the software mantioned above but I wasn't able to boot from the other HD. What am I missing?
  15. Hey, I found a cheap shop that has old S.423 P4 on sale. I´ve seen one really cheap with this motherboard: http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/Mother...?ProductID=1355 Do you think is hackintoshable? I would have to get a modern agp card, a lan card, and probably a sound card... but what do you think about the chipset?
  16. Yes, I know an Atom board would be better, and I know there are better boards out there. But you are assuming I am next to you and I am not. I live in Argentina, and PCs aren´t as cheap as they are where you are. Besides, I might be able to build this PC for 80 dollars, including mobo, P4 1.7ghz, 1gb ram and FX5200. I just need a PC for surfing and MP3, and for that price, a Hackintoshable PC is great (at least over here). So, please, I would just like to know if there would be any problem with the chipset and the audio. I´ve read many people have (or had) that chipset and had fully working pcs, but just to make sure, I´m asking here. Oh, and also, do you think it will support Leopard? Or is it better to just stick with Tiger? Thanks, Nick
  17. Macarelo

    nForce LAN driver

    Worked with my Asus M2N-E! Finally! (nForce 570 Ultra MCP) Speed isn´t really good, though...
  18. Thanks! I´ve been looking into boot 132 but I cant seem to find what I need... can you point me to the right direction please? All I´ve found for now is a bootloader made for P35 mobos...
  19. Hey, I´m about to build a hackintosh from scratch, the goal is to make it as stable as posible because its going to be for editing video and such. Here is what I´v been thinking: -Gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L -Intel E7300 CPU -XFX 8500GT -4x2gb 800Mhz Kingston -Encore PCI firewire 400 card -and an Asus IDE lightscribe DVDRW drive (what would you recommend? IDE or SATA?) So, what do you think? will I have any trouble? Thanks in advance, Nick.
  20. Thanks guys! I´m actually more worried about the mobo than the CPU. I´m not so much into this and I want it to be a clean install. Lets hope iDeneb 1.3 will work out fine.
  21. I´ll go with the XFX 8600GT 512mb. Its only five dollars more, and is way better. As for the optical drive, do I go for a SATA or a PATA one?
  22. Macarelo

    [How to] Asus P5K-VM guide

    Can you confirm all 4 SATA ports are working with iDeneb 1.3? I´ve been researching for months, if all 4 SATA ports work, this will be the motherboard for me.