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iATKOS 5i and Intel DP35DP Audio/LAN


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I have installed iATKOS 5i (Leopard 10.5.5)on this setup:

CPU: C2Q Q6600

M/B: Intel DP35DP

GFX: nVidia 9800GT

RAM 2GB DDR2-800


Everything apart from the audio and LAN (CPU Detected as 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Solo :censored2: ). I am using the onboard sound and LAN.

On iATKOS installation, I don't remember the audio patches, but the LAN I used the Intel PRO 100.

Also, At first, I had a kernal panic attack, so I just booted up once in safe mode, and all was fixed :D

Any ideas or suggestons?

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Any help? Please! :( Sorry for being impatient. But I'm getting really bored right now. No internet or sound on Mac OS X makes it quite boring.


I dont know if you have found any solutions yet, though i feel i am hot the on the trail of one. I have the exact same motherboard and I am trying to install iatkos 5i as well. If you have discovered anything in the past few weeks please let me know.

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I recently built a computer with these specs:


Processor: Intel C2D E8400

Mobo: Intel DP35DP

GFX: 9400 GT

RAM: Kingston 4 GB DDR2 800 mhz



I found a kext to help you fix the LAN haven't tried installing iatkos will later today (10.5.7)


I uploaded kext helper and the appropriate LAN kext for you tell me if it works!



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