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  1. brokenflipside

    10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    I used all the mandatory files from this guide, and then added my ethernet drivers from Here I used the DSDT gui patcher from my working leopard partition and edited flash's smbios (I think it was flash) to have my computer specs. I used the attached voodoohda driver after I removed the AppleHDA and HDAenabler from my s/l/e folder. I think that covers it, let me know your rig specifics and error messages and I am sure we can figure something out.
  2. brokenflipside

    10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    no usb devices, I have a patched dsdtl.aml but i will make a new one, and I do have all of the required kexts installed, should I have those 2 installed on s/l/e or just EFI/extras/extensions ? Regardless of this annoyance, the guide works great and I can walk any other DP35DP user through a 98% functional SL rig --anyone needs some info let me know. Thanks!
  3. brokenflipside

    10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    Ya worked perfectly thanks. Now I am working on that reboot/shutdown problem.... turns out it is shutting down and rebooting, but it takes at least 30 seconds after the screen goes black before the bios boot screen appears. These errors are happening at start up, not sure what to do with them: AppleUsbHCI unable to initialize UIM System ShutDown false ACPI_snc_PlatformPlugin::start WaitingForService-ResourceMatching(appleIntelCPUmanagement) Timeout
  4. Same this here with: Intel 82801IR (ICH9R IDT STAC9271 audio codec I used appleHDA and appleHDAenabler in leopard without any problem (from taruga I think) So far no luck with SL Sound and an odd APPLEusb problem that seems to be affecting my reboot is all thats missing.
  5. brokenflipside

    10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    So i started over since I couldn't replicate how well the usb stick install worked. Now I have full graphic support Full Duplex Internet No sound Intel 82801IR (ICH9R) IDT STAC9271 audio codec And sometimes when I reboot the screen goes black, if I -v then it used to say appleusb error (i will get the specific info soon) Now it stopped giving me that error as soon as it says mach reboot the screen goes black and sometimes it reboots and sometimes I have to hard reboot. When it boots back up there is a few more appleUSB timeouts and not responding...once again I will have details in a little bit. Any thoughts about the sound would be great.
  6. brokenflipside

    10.6 Generic Retail Install Guide

    Hey noob between your guide and FlashGX I successfully had SL running on my intel DP35DP. Graphics were not 100% cant change resolution (geforce 9500gt 1gb) No sound No sleep Internet works! Updates Work! Unfortunately even though I never use it I thought I would set it to sleep, it froze immediately and rebooting loads chameleon but when I load SL I get a bootsector error, probably from the hard boot after the freeze, not to mention this was all being done on an 8gig usb stick. Ahh tomorrow is another day, I will debug the sound and video. If anyone needs a hand let me know, I am trying not to be a lurker here since this has been a hobby of mine on and off for months. Thanks guys for the great work! Keep it up! Edit Now that i try it on my internal i get the following kernel panic. I havent tried very hard to figure it out but i thought before i crashed for a bit i would see if anyone else had some thoughts. Thanks in advance for any insight at all.
  7. brokenflipside

    Installing on DP35DP, what should I check? :/

    I have successfully installed the retail + EFI boot method on essentially the same rig, even video card. I have gotten everything to work except the video card, cant change resolutions without adding a string to the apple.com.plst file. I will upload all of my kexts, i think i even have my boot-132 iso I used. intel_dp35dp_boot_132.zip dp35dp_kexts.zip
  8. Do I install grub to the same partition I am installing Ubuntu(disk0s4) or should it be installed to the EFI partition windows created(disk0s1)? Thanks is advance! I am constantly in awe of everyone who has contributed to these projects and hope to soon graduate from a little worker monkey following directions line by line-- to being someone who can contribute something of use...hey its working on ppcgeeks, surely after all theses installed os's on so many different environments will teach me something, I've broken them enough...thanks again. ** EDIT I now know that I should be installing on the Ubuntu partition, no matter what I do though it fails to copy required files to any partition but the MBR. What Am I doing wrong. I have a SATA which it sees as scsi so I am typing /dev/sda4 (1 is EFI, 2 is windows, 3 is leopard --not installed yet-- and 4 is ubuntu root install, 5 is swap) I am using Ubuntu 9.04 server i386... Please I need help! Thank You!
  9. brokenflipside

    Intel 82566mm Ethernet works on Mac OS X (Leopard 10.5.3)

    I have been fighting to get LAN to work for a very long time, i have followed dingguijin walkthrough and I have no response from the NIC every time. I download the .tar.gz file that was upload 11-2008 i then edit the contents/info.plst file to match the versions located with kextstat I save and quit I use kext helper to upload the new 82566mm driver, it says successful cross fingers and reboot. I reboot, no internet... If i go to about this mac>system profiler>network> at the bottom of the list ethernet is listed there, and it gives a mac address, full duplex, and auto select. What am I missing, do i need to insert a device ID somewhere? This is a totally vanilla, retail copy. I have not set up macloader yet but once i get internet working i will set up macloader. By the way I am using the intel dp35dp mobo....I appreciate any direction you can give. Thanks a lot.
  10. I am having a lot of trouble getting retail to install, i have been over this again and again and no matter what i do I cannot get internet working, actually I haven't successfully gotten much of anything working. The last 2 minutes of the installer slows down significantly and then when it finally finished it has a big yellow error symbol and says the install failed and it instructs me to restart. I have my log and here is a bit of it; i will gladly send it directly to you if you have any thoughts. The no receipt error goes on for a couple hundred lines. May 7 07:58:21 localhost /Volumes/leaopard/private/tmp/scripts.i8p6/./postinstall[2210]: No receipt for 'com.apple.pkg.OSInstall' found at '/Volumes/leaopard'. May 7 07:58:21 localhost /Volumes/leaopard/private/tmp/scripts.i8p6/./postinstall[2210]: No receipt for 'com.apple.pkg.OSInstall' found at '/Volumes/leaopard'. May 7 07:58:21 localhost /Volumes/leaopard/private/tmp/scripts.i8p6/./postinstall[2210]: No receipt for 'com.apple.pkg.OSInstall' found at '/Volumes/leaopard'. May 7 07:58:21 localhost /Volumes/leaopard/private/tmp/scripts.i8p6/./postinstall[2210]: No receipt for 'com.apple.pkg.OSInstall' found at '/Volumes/leaopard'. May 7 07:58:21 localhost root[3530]: End script: aclmodify.pl May 7 07:58:21 localhost root[3531]: Begin script: iLifebkpluginMove.pl May 7 07:58:21 localhost root[3534]: End script: iLifebkpluginMove.pl May 7 07:58:21 localhost root[3535]: Begin script: postinstall May 7 07:58:21 localhost root[3538]: Running kextcache -k /Volumes/leaopard/System/Library/Extensions May 7 07:58:26 localhost root[3540]: Running ifcstart May 7 07:58:27 localhost /Volumes/leaopard/private/tmp/scripts.i8p6/./postinstall[2210]: 2009-05-07 07:58:26.985 ifcstart[3541:613] _CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 May 7 07:58:27 localhost installdb[873]: done. (0.482u + 0.747s) May 7 07:58:28 localhost root[3542]: Running update_dyld_shared_cache May 7 07:59:04 localhost root[3544]: End script: postinstall May 7 07:59:04 localhost root[3545]: 6 Install Scripts run. May 7 07:59:04 localhost OSInstaller[146]: Writing installation cookies May 7 07:59:04 localhost OSInstaller[146]: Removing temporary directory "/Volumes/leaopard/BaseSystem.pkg.146e4oOax" May 7 07:59:05 localhost OSInstaller[146]: Finalize disk "leaopard" May 7 07:59:05 localhost OSInstaller[146]: Finalizing Disk for OS Install May 7 07:59:05 localhost Unknown[66]: 2009-05-07 07:59:05.928 bless[3547:10b] _CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 May 7 07:59:06 localhost Unknown[66]: Could not set boot device property: 0xe00002c7 May 7 07:59:06 localhost OSInstaller[146]: Unable to set 'leaopard' as boot disk May 7 07:59:06 localhost OSInstaller[146]: Install failed: The Installer could not make the computer start up from the volume “leaopard”. You may need to select your disk using the Startup Disk utility. May 7 07:59:07 localhost OSInstaller[146]: Memory statistics for 'Install Failed' pane: May 7 07:59:07 localhost OSInstaller[146]: Physical Memory Allocation: 199 MB wired, 124 MB trapped, 684 MB active, 355 MB inactive, 686 MB free, 1725 MB usable, 2048 MB total May 7 08:01:22 localhost Unknown[66]: 2009-05-07 08:01 Mac OS X Installer[146] (CarbonCore.framework) FSEventStreamStart: ERROR: FSEvents_connect() => Unknown service name (1102) May 7 08:01:27 localhost OSInstaller[146]: installAutoFSMonitor: open failed The beginning of the install is riddled with: _CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35 intel dp35dp core 2 duo e7400 geforce 9500 1gig XFX 2 gigs ram sata-dvd/rw sata-hdd GPT THANKS!
  11. brokenflipside

    iATKOS 5i and Intel DP35DP Audio/LAN

    I dont know if you have found any solutions yet, though i feel i am hot the on the trail of one. I have the exact same motherboard and I am trying to install iatkos 5i as well. If you have discovered anything in the past few weeks please let me know.