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Intel GMA 9500


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Im stuck in the resolution 1024x768

I have a Fujitu Siemens ESPRIMO Mobile V6535

Any new kext


iPhoto dosent work

and Photo Booth dosent work like iMovie


Sorry for my English


My graphic card is a Intel GMA 9500


Iv tried to set the resolution using com.apple.Boot.plist

but dosent work!!! :)

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:) Sorry is that graphic card

Any way, Will that card work on my system

iDeneb 10.5.5



you can contact me by mail rubenmarques92@gmail.com


I will try to find something, I am pretty sure 4500X is not vanilla so you will probably have to use a hacked driver and only if one exists

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I Again

I have decided kill windows

so I only have leopard

everithing runs ok (without the resolution) forget the resolution 1024x768 in my laptop dosent look so bad

Any way I don´t have Quartz Extreme and I cant run Keynote 08

is there anyway to run it without the Quartz Extreme??

Thanks Again

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