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  1. Since Lion, and future releases of OS X won't run on Core Duos, I'm forced to stay on Snow Leopard and kinda feel alone lol. Is Snow Leopard starting to get obsolete?
  2. Chameleon help!

    Never mind guys, I found a way . A moderator can close the topic now
  3. Chameleon help!

    Hellow fellow hackintoshes, its me again with another "problem". Yesterday I've decided to install Windows 7 (because I really needed) on the same hd as Snow Leopard, The installation went well but know I have a huge problem. Since I've installed windows after os x it replaced the chameleon bootloader with the windows, I'm using GUID partition table with 1 - EFI (where chameleon is) 2 - Snow Leopard 3 - Windows7. I've tried to set partiton 1 as active using diskpart and now i cannot boot it keeps saying missing os. how can I bring chameleon back!? please help!
  4. OS X 10.7 Lion with Pentium D CPU?

    But, is it possible to literaly "Patch" the Lion's kernel? Just wondering O.o?
  5. OS X 10.7 Lion with Pentium D CPU?

    Sorry dude, you're on the same boat as I am. I also have a Pentium Dual based hackintosh and its running snow leopard great for the last 2 years. Sadely its the end of the line for us, because the Pentium D (Core Duo cousin) does not support SSE3 instructions and Lion is a 64 bit based OS so, I guess from now one, we are on the same boat as the PowerPC users.
  6. Retail Snow Leopard Pentium D (Dual)

    Thanks for your answer and what kernel should I use for 10.6.8 on a Pentium since it doesn't support vanilla? and what kexts sorry these questions I already googled and I couldn't find pretty much useful info. and can I use a retail install DVD and then replace the kernel cause I don't wanna use any snow leopard hackintoshes distributions Thanks!
  7. Hi, I've installed Snow Leopard Retail on a Core 2 Duo machine without any hacks. Except the DSDT and the bootloader of course. I have a machine running Leopard 10.5.8 with the following specs: Asus P5LP-LE Motherboard Intel Pentium D 3.2 GHz 2 GB RAM Intel GMA 950 Intel PRO/100 Ethernet How can I upgrade this machine to snow leopard and since this machine cannot have a vanilla kernel can someone post me a kernel for 10.6.8. I already have a DSDT Patch 100% working on Leopard, can I use that DSDT on snow? Thanks. MacAndrew92 http://andrewgomes.net
  8. Fix para GMA950 Desktop

    Boas, obrigado pelo DSDT agora está tudo OK!. A GMA 950 é uma boa gráfica para uso diário etc. O problema é que eu trabalho com photoshop e After Effects, gostaria de saber se existe uma gráfica barata, não muito difícil de configurar , que fosse compatível com o Leopard 10.5.8 Obrigado
  9. Hello, i've got a laptop with a broken display, Im using it as a desktop computer it has Snow Leopard 10.6.7 on it. The graphic card is an GMA X3100 working properly, with DSDT how can I disable the internal display? since its broken and I don't plan to fix it soon. Specs Intel Core 2 Duo. 2.36 GHz 4 GB DDR2 SDRAM Snow Leopard 10.6.7 Intel GMA X3100.
  10. Fix para GMA950 Desktop

    Boa noite funcionou obrigado!! Mas o sleep n, ainda continua com o mesmo erro, alguma maneira de resolver, pode anexar o kext sleepenabler, estou a correr o iDeneb 10.5.8 kernel StageXNU Obrigado pelo apoio, mais uma duvida qual é a kernel melhor para um pentium d compativel com o leopard Obrigado Update: O computador arranca muito mais rápido graças ao DSDT. demora certa de 30 segundos Mas se arrancar no modo verbose isto é o que aparce, não é que me incomode mas o que significa?
  11. Fix para GMA950 Desktop

    Quando coloco o PC em suspensao, depois de voltar ao normal as portas USB sao desactivadas, como resolvo isto desde já obrigado
  12. Fix para GMA950 Desktop

    podes anexar o kext para o meu pc 10.5.8 E obrigado pelo DSDT
  13. Fix para GMA950 Desktop

    A minha board é uma Asus P5LP-LE Processador Intel Pentium D. 2 GB RAM GMA 950 10.5.8 Obrigado Já agora a funcionalidade de pausa ira funcionar??
  14. Security Update 2011-002 Safe for Pentium D users?

    Thanks all for the quick replays I'm using 10.5.8 on a Pentium D After the update I will post my results
  15. Is it Security Update 2011-002 Safe for Pentium D users? Will it replace the kernel or stuff like that? As anyone tried out?