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how to update kernel? need 8.9.1 kernel


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it looks like there are no topic about how to update kernel? ive been doing searches all over the place or maybe im not looking at the right threads but its quite difficult to find a post about this.


can someone help me please? im trying to run vmware fusion, i saw a thread somewhere on google saying vmware needs at least 8.9.1 kernel. currently im running JAS 10.4.8 intel sse2 cd updated to 10.4.11 using the apple update with the help of this link http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=107760. But it saves my current kernel and i would like to update to 8.9.1.


anyone know where to download 8.9.1 and how to update the safe way?


my current system:


dell inspiron 8600 laptop

2 gig ram

dual boot vista (1st partition) and osx (2nd partition)

ati mobility radeon 9600 with quartz enabled

airport enabled for wireless

sound worked out of the box


thank you!!

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