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  1. SELL: Canon 30D, BGE2 grip, Sigma 10-20mm

    SOLD thank you
  2. Items for Sale: Canon 30D Body, Canon BGE2 battery grip, Sigma 10-20mm Approximate age of item: Body - Purchased on 3/07 Grip - Purchased on 4/07 Sigma - Purchased used couple months ago Item Condition: Canon 30d Body - 9.9/10 (small paint rubbed off on hot shoe from using external flash) Battery grip - 10/10 Sigma lens - 10/10 Sale Includes: Body - Box, all papers and manuals, battery, charger, cords, software CDs, blank warranty card Battery Grip - extra canon ST115p battery, extra cartridge for AA batteries Sigma Lens - front and rear caps, hood, padded pouch, box, blank warranty card Price: $925 shipped obo (will not refuse any reasonable offers) - SOLD Payments Accepted: Paypal, Cash for local pickup Possible Trades: Canon 1D Mark II (plus cash if condition is excellent) Shipping Methods Available (Ships From): USPS, UPS, Fedex Shipping Available To: CONUS Item location: CONUS Huntington Beach, CA 92646 Best Contact Method: email (sonny.gip@gmail.com), AIM (polobreaka), PM Feedback: ebay (polobreaka) Reason for selling: Upgrading Photos:
  3. really? no one can tell me if leopard needs to be an active partition in order for it to boot or am i missing some steps? all im asking is how can i make leopard still boot but not as default. thanks.
  4. 145 views and no one can help me with this?
  5. does Leopard need to be active in order for it to boot into desktop? here is my weird test i did a couple times. i have 3 partitions setup on my hdd Partiton 1: Tiger *active* Partition 2: Leopard Partition 3: Shared i installed JAS 10.4.8 intel/amd sse2/sse3 DVD with 8.8.1 kernel. i updated to 10.4.11 staying at 8.8.1 kernel ( i want to update to 8.9.1, can someone PM me or tell me how). then i installed Kalyway 10.5.2 onto 2nd partition. it overwrote the darwin bootloader to boot Leopard as default setting partition 2 as active. i want my primary OS to be Tiger because it is the most stable for my system and Leopard as my test. i changed active partition back to "1" using "fdisk" with the DVD boot. i was able to boot into Tiger with no problem. restarted my system with F8 to boot into Leopard, i am left with bluescreen and mouse. cannot go any further. Same with safe boot for Leopard, it goes into bluescreen with mouse cursor. i ran the fdisk again with the DVD and set partition 2 to active, rebooted, and this time i was able to boot into leopard. when i use F8, i am still able to log into Tiger. 3rd time test again, i set partition 1 as active, as expected, Leopard booted up with bluescreen and cursor. now i want to know if its possible to boot Tiger as default and Leopard as secondary? has anyone gotten it to work? i read up on a lot of dual boot Windows/Leopard setup with windows as default and Leopard seem to boot up fine for them. i dont know what my case would be. can anyone chime in on this one? thanks!
  6. THANKS FOR THIS POST! i encountered the same problem. i deleted that kext file and i was able to boot into tiger now! is there a way to make tiger boot as 1st choice instead of leopard?
  7. Ati Mobility Radeon 9600 (devid 4e50) on SiS Chipset

    bump lets get this to work.
  8. do we have this support for leopard for this exact vid card? it seems impossible to get QE to work. if under CI says " Software" does that mean CI works?
  9. it looks like there are no topic about how to update kernel? ive been doing searches all over the place or maybe im not looking at the right threads but its quite difficult to find a post about this. can someone help me please? im trying to run vmware fusion, i saw a thread somewhere on google saying vmware needs at least 8.9.1 kernel. currently im running JAS 10.4.8 intel sse2 cd updated to 10.4.11 using the apple update with the help of this link http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=107760. But it saves my current kernel and i would like to update to 8.9.1. anyone know where to download 8.9.1 and how to update the safe way? my current system: dell inspiron 8600 laptop 2 gig ram dual boot vista (1st partition) and osx (2nd partition) ati mobility radeon 9600 with quartz enabled airport enabled for wireless sound worked out of the box thank you!!
  10. could it be because im running Darwin 8.8.1 kernel? bump!
  11. does this work if you mess up on a kernel update that didnt boot?
  12. sorry to bring this from the dead, but i really need help. i cant find it anywhere on the web. i am getting the same problem with the endless restart. i dont know how to installl vmware fusion and no one here is answering my post.