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How to get Zydas usb wireless sticks to act as access points?


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I've read through A LOT of posts regarding the Zydas USB Wiresless stick,but have not found what I want.

My goal is to setup my USB wireless stick as an access point so that I can connect my iphone and psp to the internet through wifi,just like in cafes with wifi hotspots.I can do this with my XP installation but dont know how to do it in my mac.I've got two of these sticks and they are practically the same thing with different brands(TP Link and PCI),my other mac could connect wirelessly with one stick on my xp(setup as access point) and one on the mac itself,so I know the device is working.


I connect to the internet through wired ethernet to my ISP.I've tried sharing my ISP service and wired ethernet connection with my USB ethernet,but it doesn't seem to be the base problem as my iphone/psp doesn't even recognize any wifi from the stick,the ZDLan utility doesn't show any device mac address too.Do I need to setup any specific DHCP address or any setup at all to get it working?


So basically,my goal is:

ISP connection->Wired ethernet->USB Wireless stick->iphone/psp


Please help me as this problem had me frustrated for a long time.

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