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  1. TP-Link TL-WN951N with Snow Leopard working!

    I don't think we have solution now,although the new iMacs and macbooks are equipped with the i7 processors. Let's hope desktop macs(Mac Pro) get their upgrades soon with i7 and have our problem fixed.
  2. TP-Link TL-WN951N with Snow Leopard working!

    answering my own question: I've tried the card again on my i7 system,even with native 10.6.4 kext and dev id added to it,after connecting to the net for a while,it would get kernel panic.So I dont think this is a kext problem,we may never be able to see this card working fine on i7 systems:( Will look for a broadcom based pci card and see if it works though...
  3. TP-Link TL-WN951N with Snow Leopard working!

    I just had my wn851n lended to a friend,please someone with i7/i5 processor try out if the 10.6.4 update fixes the kernel panic in previous updates,then I could have my card returned and finally use it.
  4. yeah it would work mostly,just pay attention and see if your graphic card's kext work on the newer versions,make a backup of all kexts first always.
  5. Finally!!! After working for 3 days straight and at last I read a comment in this post to downgrade the BIOS from FI to FB,I fixed the boot hang!!! F*** gigabyte for that! Everything working perfect now! Thanks!!
  6. I'm using ATI 4850,works great with boot CD. I think I am having problem with some drive settings,because I am actually freezing in "Waiting on <dict....."
  7. Man I spent three days straight and still can't get this working, first,I got the system installed but after I install the bootloader(tried everyone),when I boot from it it freezes right after the text with got boot device and loaded fakesmc,it never moved from then.well sometimes it passes through by luck or something but this is so annoying,I once tried it with a patched DSDT and still no go. I can only boot into the system with tonymacx86 CD,nothing else. Second thing that bothers me is that every bootloader I used has a corrupted text area,with glitches color.I installed more than 20 times and I don't know how to fix this. Please help me!!!!
  8. The DSDT patching has driven me nuts! I notice there are some lines missing in your guide in the PX14 area,I had to compare your patched DSDT really carefully to find the missing lines. Try editing the guides in the future. For people having errors compiling,try to compile every time you've modified one item and see if an error occurs,then you know which step messed you up and try to find the difference in the modified DSDT attached. Apart from that my system is working almost perfect now!
  9. TP-Link TL-WN951N with Snow Leopard working!

    I have just installed a fresh i7 930 based snow leopard and upgraded to 10.6.3 I have a WN851N card and I have tried adding my id to both the kext provided in the first post and also removed applehpet.kext too but no sign of airport card detected at all,worked fine on windows 7 though please tell me how to get this to work on i7 10.6.3!
  10. I see you've modified something in your DSDT for the i7 920,what does it change exactly? I have a i7 930,how should I modify my DSDT or any other file that requires patching?
  11. 6600GT on Snow Leopard?

    i did write in my post that I've tried them all already... thx for the reply anyway
  12. 10.6.2 and 6600GT working?

    so what did you do to make 6600GT work in 10.6.1? or 10.6.2 if you've found the solution?
  13. 6600GT on Snow Leopard?

    6600GT PCI-E works fine with natit on Leopard however in Snow Leopard it doesn't work at all with 10.6.2 kexts no qe/ci nor resolution changes even with nvenabler with 10.6.1 and 10.6.0 kexts same thing with 10.5.8 kexts + natit the screen goes messed up once it reaches the desktop at boot with 10.6.x kexts + natit once it passes the grey apple boot screen the computer reboots itself with 10.5.8 kexts + natit + booting into safe mode successfully boot into desktop with resolution changes but no qe/ci tried EFI strings and nvinject,nothing seems to work any success stories on 6600GT or any 6xxx series card?
  14. How can I share my internet connection to my iphone?

    Hey thanks for the reply,I appreciate it very much. But as I've said in my post I have already done all the things you suggested. I don't have problems with windows,it's just that I have no idea how to set it on OSX. I have found that obtaining a network card that can be recognized as an Airport NIC is the easiest way to go. So if no one can answer my problem to this,is there any cheaper Airport capable cards someone could recommend? Since most shops in my place sells stuffs from TP-Link,is there one from them?