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Major Booting Problem


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HI I have looked in the wiki and the forum. But i could not find an answer.

I have installed osx on the second partition.

Install was successful.


After i restart the pc. I get an error message saying error loading operaing system (or something similiar).


I have added chain0 into C: . And i have also added the extra line into boot.ini . But the computer still attempts to start from the OSX partition with the same error message . I do not get a dual boot option XP-OSX.


So i have downoaded Ultimate Boot CD UBCD. It has a lot of tools . When i boot using the cd i use a boot tool . It asks me which partition to boot . When i select the NTFS partition I get into NTLDR dualboot. From there i can choose windows or osx. If i choose windows it boots. But if i choose OSx It says NTLDR missing . Error loading operating system.


So i get two questions. How do i get my pc to dualboot( with out any boot cds)

And how do i get osx to work.


Thank you all lots for help and suggestions

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hi thank you very much for your quick reply.


It did not help me a lot though.


His boot loader also didnt start like on my system

" i had to reinstall windows to fix this" . I dont want to reinstall windows though .

I can get into the windows bootloader by using the UBCD bootcd. But from there i can only boot into windows . Osx gives me the error message.


Would someone please tell me how i can make it so my pc loads the bootloader with out having to use a boot cd

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In order to get the bootloader without using UBCD, you have to set your windows partition as the active partition. This can be done through Arconis, Partition Magic, or other methods.


However, I have the same problem as you with the "NTLDR missing" error when I try to load OS X. I've tried basically everything that I can find in the forums (chain0, fixmbr, all that stuff) but can't seem to get this to work. I'd rather not have to reinstall OS X, since that took at least 4 hours (went to sleep after that long). Any advice?

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