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iPC X-DL Successfully Run But ...


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I manage to run successfully iPC live disc. It's all fine.

But when i install the iPC, and restart it stuck at the "still waiting for root device" error

i boot with -v -f -x but still the same.


Here's what i chose when i install

- iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Base System

- Language (Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)

- Drivers

(Legacy Time Machine Fix)

(Video - Nvinject 0.2.1 768MB VRam)

(Chipset Drivers - Intel ICHx SATA Drivers and Intel ICH10 SATA Support)

(USB Drivers - (I select all)

(Fixes and Patches - (I select all except SATA Driver Icon Fix (Old and New)

(AppleSMBIOS Patch - AppleSMBIOS-27 Rev3 800MHz)

(Applications - (I select all except "Marvin's AMD Utility)


Do i need to chose DSDT Patches? (If yes can pls point me out which one)




Here's is my PC Spec

Dell XPS 420

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550

Razer Barracuda AC-1 Gaming SoundCard


4GB DDR2 Ram


I got 4HD and (SATA 1 and 2= 500, SATA 3 = DVD ROOM, SATA 4=320GB, SATA 5=250GB (Which OSx86 will be install). I disable speed steep and all SATA drive (except dvd room and install HD) in setup.


Any Help will be appreciated



P.S - Kalyway 10.5.2 and iAtkos 10.5.5 is running very smoothly on my comp.

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hi afish ..

i can't find AHCI mode on my SATA setting. Below is my BIOS SATA setting



This one is my HD that i install OSx86.



Should i buy new HD to install? Is the problem occur because of my HD is old?

Thanks afish

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Try the follow step:

1.install a mac partition reader on your windows

2.copy those *.kext in your macdrive\system\library\Extensions

3.boot your Pc with your mac installation disc,use disk utility ,repair disk permission of your macdrive

4.Reboot,just pray :<

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hi afish ..

i really appreciate ur help. But sorry to say that it still doent work.

So i give it up on iPC and yesterday night i trying to install iDeneb 10.5.6.

Everything fine but another error appera. Not "Still waiting for root device" :)

This time is Kernel panic. I think it's a USB mass storgae panic.

Here's the error image ... Hope u still can help me on this issue again.



Thanks again afish. :thumbsup_anim: Help me Pls ...

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Finally afish .. i manage to run the iAtkos 10.5.6. :mellow:

I install into external USB HD and no more "Still waiting for root device error"

Thanks for all your help. :D



But still one more problem is it can't detect all my SATA drive including my DVD room drive. Do i need any patch for that?

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