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  1. afish

    Cant create Administrator account

    I tried it before,You should reinstall Lion.
  2. arch=i386 busratio=20 -force64? using a 32bit mode & force to run in 64bit mode? Will arch=i386 busratio=20 runs? I have a Haier7G 2,with i3 2310M,which have the HM65 & 6730M graphic card,when I use the vanlia core the screen turns to black,But It still runs。How can u get the HD3000 with qe/ci?
  3. if your laptop bios have the selection of use the 5650, congratulations! you have the solustion.If not......you have konwn.
  4. First,did you repair the disk premission? Second,you can add -v -f to boot your machine in a verbose mode to see what is happening.
  5. afish

    Will my System run Leopard?

    Check this web site,you will have an answer.... http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page The OSX86 wiki
  6. afish

    iDeneb v1.4 hangs after install

    When you are installing a leopard on a amd base machine ,You need to install the hacking kernal and many patches.The Vga card you need a everest to check.
  7. 1.As I know ,you should choose the jm driver,which is fit for your motherboard 2.use osx86 tools to fix it.Just some number ,Don't care,Orz
  8. afish

    iPC X-DL Successfully Run But ...

    That‘s for sure,you need drivers for your sata controller,You can try my posted link files.Welcome to de mac-hac,
  9. afish

    iPC X-DL Successfully Run But ...

    I've try to install ipc on my asus A8Jn55 laptop with a usbhdd,It runs ,so dose my desktop too.But on my desktop it needs 5min to bootup.You can try ...
  10. You must set your hdd operate in ahci mode.
  11. afish

    iPC X-DL Successfully Run But ...

    The usbdriver you've selected all? Driver will confilct ,and more ,you have a broardcom wireless card?Try install driver one by one . Good luck again
  12. afish

    iPC X-DL Successfully Run But ...

    Try install package of usbfix on the disc.... & pray more....
  13. afish

    iPC X-DL Successfully Run But ...

    Try the follow step: 1.install a mac partition reader on your windows 2.copy those *.kext in your macdrive\system\library\Extensions 3.boot your Pc with your mac installation disc,use disk utility ,repair disk permission of your macdrive 4.Reboot,just pray :<
  14. afish

    iPC X-DL Successfully Run But ...

    Raid mode .......,May be you should try these and remember backup your files and repair privillge ,I have a ICH10R enabled raid & I have 5 HD,1-1T,2-640,3-640,4-320,5-ide 320 enjoy ! AppleAHCIPort.kext.zip IOAHCIFamily.kext.zip
  15. afish

    iPC X-DL Successfully Run But ...

    Did you set your harddrive operate in achi mode ?